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Sell your Car in 30 Minutes!

Finding the best solution to getting the best car resale value can be a time-consuming hassle – and what’s even more frustrating is when dealers try haggling their way into scoring a great deal out of you.

Looking for a higher price ? At your inspection, you can choose “Option 1” to receive instant cash in hands; or if you’re looking for a greater price, select “Option 2” to advertise your car to dealers nationwide for 48-hours and get the best price directly from the market. Book An Inspection Now!

Vehicle Pricing Overview

Just think about it… Have you ever heard of stories where people ended their private car sale with a pleasant experience?

Well, CarZar has!

At CarZar, we empower consumers to sell their second hand car seamlessly.

But, before we get into the best way to sell your second hand car, let’s weigh-up your second hand car resale options.

Section 1: Trading-In your Car

Vehicle Pricing

A vehicle’s ‘trade book value’ is a rough guide used to help determine the trade price of that specific car. The industry uses book value – only as a starting point – and not as a definitive reference.

Book values:

  • Calculated using historical data collected from previous trade transactions.
  • Differ significantly from current market values.
  • Almost always significantly higher than market prices.

Section 2: Selling Privately

sell your second-hand car privately

Safety and security are the biggest risks when selling your car privately.

1. Time consuming

Dealing with the hassle of consistent calls and handling test drives.

2. Safety

Meeting strangers can be risky.

3. Security of payments

Placing yourself at risk of scams, fraud or even theft!

3. Paperwork

All paperwork need to be completed accurately, in order to deregister your name off the car. This will protect you as the seller, if the buyer commits traffic offenses.

Section 3: Reconditioning Cost

Would you purchase a used vehicle with scratches, dents or tires that need replacement?

Reconditioning costs are the costs required to bring the car into a ‘selling condition’. Your CarZar inspector will evaluate your car’s reconditioning costs and incorporate them into final cash offer.

Section 4: Why Sell to CarZar?

Sure about trading-in? Think about the benefits of not trading-in and selling your second hand car to instead:

  • You receive cash in hands! This means:
  • More flexibility to make the purchase at any dealership.
  • Higher bargaining power to negotiate a really good discount.
  • You will not incur any hidden retail costs.

Discover more about how to calculate the best resale value for your car:

Determining your Car Resale Value

Sell your car in 30 minutes!