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Sell your Car in 30 Minutes!

So, you’re ready to trade in car or sell car, but you’ve heard many stories about getting haggled into an unfair deal and the many safety risks that come along with selling car for cash or trading in your vehicle.

Looking for a higher price ? At your inspection, you can choose “Option 1” to receive instant cash in hands; or if you’re looking for a greater price, select “Option 2” to advertise your car to dealers nationwide for 48-hours and get the best price directly from the market. Book An Inspection Now!

Getting a good car trade in deal comes with a lot of research! The worst part is that most consumers believe trading-in their car for a newer car will give them the best deal. However, they’re simply receiving a discount on their new car purchase. Here are top tips on securing a worthwhile value when you trade in your vehicle.

#1 Obtain vehicle trade in quotes online

Thanks to technology, you can now calculate your car trade in value with a simple click of a button. On, you can get a free instant online quote for your car. Our unique algorithm generates an estimate using market trends and previous transactions histories to calculate car resale value.

#2 Negotiate multiple car trade in offers

The trade in offers you receive for your car may fluctuate drastically, depending on which dealership you visit. It’s therefore best to shop around to find out what different dealers are willing to pay, and in turn, choose the best offer for your car.

#3 Find out your car trade in value

Your online quote is a ballpark value of your car. It’s therefore important to get a transparent valuation for your vehicle. The industry uses book values – only as a starting point – and not as a definitive reference. A vehicle’s ‘trade book value’ is a rough guide used to help determine the retail book value and trade book value price of that specific car.

#4 Popularity counts

Discover the most popular car colors for trade-ins by clicking on the below link:

The Most Valuable Colors for Trading in a Car

#5 Consider selling car for cash in hands

Consider your options. The problem with trading in your vehicle is that most dealers will only accept your car trade in if you make your next car purchase from them. By selling your car for cash and then visiting a dealership with cash in hands, you will be able to leverage on a much higher bargaining power when buying your next car and receive a better discount on your new car purchase. With cash in hands, you will also have more freedom to choose your next car purchase, instead of getting locked with a dealer who wants your car but may not have the vehicle you are looking for.

Trading in a car is always limiting. But, if you cash in car, you’ll have much more doorway to negotiate when buying a new car. With CarZar, you get an unbiased, fair offer at the end of your inspection with one of our DEKRA or KwikFit partner inspection services, as well as instant payment. Simply book an obligation-free inspection on