Strengths: Passionate | Warm-hearted | Creative

Weaknesses: Lazy | Inflexible | Arrogant

Likes: Pricey things | Admiration | Fun

Dislikes: Dishonorable treatment | Being ignored | Difficulty

We Found Your Perfect CARmate – BMW i8!

Leo-born signs are natural born leaders. They enjoy living fun lives with their ‘King of the Jungle’ status, desire practicality and reliability, and their loyalty allows them to have many friends. Although self-confident, the Summer Sign can be dramatic and lazy. The BMW i8 is admired as the most progressive sports car; driving with passion, fun, efficiency and dynamic. Its automatic transmission makes the BMW highly compatible with the ‘Lazy-Leo’. The car’s driving pleasure makes the BMW a perfect CARmate for the ‘King of the Jungle’’. – Get a free estimate of your car online valuation and book an obligation-free inspectionWe buy cars! So if you’re looking to sell car, we’ll help you get the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your second hand car.