“Sadly, incidents like these are not uncommon at all,” said CarZar Managing Director Fernando Pinheiro, after hearing scary stories about online car sales ending into horrific crime accounts.

According to the Daily Sun, a car victim who desperately wanted to buy a vehicle used the Internet in search of his dream car. The car victim spotted a nice-looking, affordable VW Polo around Mpumalanga, South Africa.

“I did that, but the supposed seller came up with excuses as to why he could not drive up. He then advised me to come to him,”  

After showing interest in the Polo, the online car buyer was asked to deposit some money with the promise that the vehicle would be driven up to Johannesburg for him. Alternatively, the ‘seller’ was asked to meet him at the police station in Mpumalanga, but there was a no show – no seller, no secondhand car and money lost.

A similar incident occurred in Port Elizabeth. A car viewing, organised through a national site, turned out to be a robbery; which eventually ended up in flying bullets and four arrests. This again, clearly shows risks of high-value goods, such as cars, online classified sites, etc.  

These kind of stories are common all over South Africa…

Statistically, when it comes to the process of buying and selling a vehicle, there is high risk for both buyers and sellers.

“A lot of sellers have scary stories about selling a car online. Some have experienced attempted hijackings or money payments being reversed after the car had been transferred,” stated Pinheiro.

He stated that most people do not want to go through all the hassle and haggle of dealerships, as most second hand car buyers and sellers are skeptical over dealers’ promise to provide “the best deal”.

“Online car buyers like CarZar are a safe and secure alternative that also allows car sellers to get a really good price for their car without any danger in terms of safety or financial fraud,” he concluded.

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