Johannesburg – The endless cycle of crime rates are just spinning faster, as new crimes are constantly popping – adding to the statistics of the increasing number of crime rates. When will the cycle ever place its gear in reverse?

What’s new in the crime market? Cloning police number plates, that is!

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department has alerted the public about a white VW GTI operating in Gauteng and a white VW Polo Vivo sedan operating in Durban.

Both vehicles possess the same cloned license plate number of one of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department’s cars: CL 31 VL GP.

According to JMPD’s Wayne Minnaar, he discovered the cloned licence plates through posts shared on the social media platform, Facebook. One of these posts, by Rakesh Suk-nadan, stated that the Polo was seen in Durban and the Golf GTI was seen in Gauteng. The JMPD was then able to use these locations to send out a public alert about the criminalised vehicles.

Minnaar disclosed that the Polo Vivo has been recovered in close proximity to a farm in the Vaal area, on Wednesday, thanks to an anonymous call-in from the public. The alert for the VW GTI is still in act.


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