South Africa’s Top 5 Cars to Watch Out for in 2018!

South Africa’s Top 5 Cars to Watch Out for in 2018!

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Second hand car depreciation has kicked in! At each start of the new year, your second hand car value decreases by an amount that will leave you cringing. Can you imagine losing a large portion of your car resale value each year?

But luckily, it’s the season of new beginnings!

2017 has witnessed major car brands take giant leaps in automotive innovation and contributions toward the design of concept vehicles. Keeping their promise – or so we expect – 2018 New Year’s resolutions for many automakers are a design cross-contamination of sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs and sports cars.

The best part is that having an SUV or crossover with the trend-line of a sedan, hatchback or sports car are perfect for the condition of South Africa’s gravel roads and city life – especially for families who enjoy boasting a bit of an adventurous ethos.

According to wheels24, here are the top 5 credible crossover, SUV and sports cars that will be dominating the South African market in 2018.

5. Volkswagen Polo

Cross-breeding the hatchback and SUV, VW’s Polo T-Cross resolves all concerns about the CrossPolo not being ‘mini-SUV’ enough. South African VW Polo fanatics can expect a package deal of power, styling and efficiency – we’re talking mini-Taugen design features and 1-litre engines!

4. Toyota Supra

The Japanese sports car is back to answer the prayers of the ‘fast and furious’ customers who took a shoddy reaction to the end of the Toyota Supra’s production. Taking on an alluring 1986 coupe-style and collaborating in a joint-project with BMW, the 4th-gen sports car has been projected to boast more power with a possible hybridisation.

3. Jaguar E-Pace

South Africa’s Jaguar-market crowned the Jaguar F-Pace as best-seller. Will the E-Pace steal the show or will forge the start of a new Jaguar-market? Taking the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 to the streets, the automatic E-Pace SUV is set to run on a 2-litre 221 kW turbocharged engine with 9-speed levels. At the same time, you’ll be sure to enjoy its front-wheel drive with a complete cabin redesign.

2. Ford Fiesta ST

Also known as the ‘hot hatch’ of the crowd since its first production, Ford has scrapped 1-cylinder and 100 cc of engine capacity from the new the appealing compact Fiesta ST. However, making up for its losses, the ST’s engine is powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged triple with an output incline of 13-units to 147 kW. Appealing as always, the Fiesta enchants itself with Recaro seats and 18-inch alloys.

1. BMW X7

The new BMW X7 comes second to none, as the SUV sets out the start of new ventures for BMW’s 2018 journey. Focusing on safety and comfortability, the 3-seater prides itself in having the most spacious cabin out of all BMW models. Placing powerful headlight on efficiency, BMW has hybridised the X7 with a petrol-electric engine. The Mercedes GLS, Bentley’s Bentayga and Range Rover Vogue definitely has some competition cut out.

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