Will Robot Delivery Vans put Delivery Services out of Business?

Will Robot Delivery Vans put Delivery Services out of Business?

February 21, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

In the near future, we’ll be saying goodbye to delivery services and welcoming a robotic ‘go-getter’.

Nuro, a secretive startup in Silicon Valley, has publicised its new autonomous grocery-getter delivery van. The new robot delivery pod looks like a shiny toaster on wheels with package-carrying facilities, and zero doors or windows to accommodate passengers.

Co-founder, Dave Ferguson, calls it a “local teleportation service” trying to “make it possible to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere,”. However, rather than competing with human beings, Nuro is welcoming retailers who are eager to expand its e-commerce startup. While your average online delivery services receive compensation and benefits for your delivery request, robotic delivery vehicles are in headlight to be much easier, faster and only require electricity.

A deeper scope into the robot on wheels

To prevent road users from freaking out, the business has installed a front windshield on the 1500-pound SUV-shaped pod. Majority of the pod’s mass is packed into its electric-powered battery, thus, the interior can only withstand 250-pounds.  

Customisable, a grocer has the choice of selecting:

  1. Shelves
  2. Refrigeration
  3. A dry cleaner with hanging racks
  4. Empty cargo bays with anchoring straps

Are other major brands already up to par with autonomous delivery?

Not only focusing on presenting the new car market with self-driving cars, Nuro is not the only brand who has started testing the human-free delivery concept:

  • Nissan-Renault plans to broadcast a driverless delivery van in September.
  • Futuristic van, e-Palette, partnered with and Pizza Hut.
  • Ford has already piloted human-free pizza delivery with Domino’s.
  • Self-driving startup, Udelv, is currently testing an autonomous delivery vehicle in California.
  • Toyota released a self-driving delivery van in Las Vegas this month.

The robotic van risk factors…

Nuro has been tested to be relatively safe due to its small size and slow speed. To give you an idea, the robotic delivery pod is able to avoid a wayward human being without leaving its lane.

But, Nuro is not the only startup already disrupting the way we buy things.

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