Too often, reckless drivers have the perception that nothing will happen to them on the road. But, it only takes one other reckless driver to cause complete road pandemonium.

Over a million people are killed annually and hundreds of thousands are injured, as a result of road accidents – most of which have led to disability. Youngsters are a group at major risk of road accident death. Almost half of South African road death statistics include young people under the age of 25-years.

And the annual impact on the economy? Well, quite a bit over R43-Billion a year!

Easter Reigns as the Leading Contributor of Annual Road Deaths

With the start of the long Easter weekend taking charge, the Automobile Association (AA) has warned, “more cars on the road, delays expected”. As national public school holidays and University breaks commence during the same time as the Easter period, families have planned road trips outside of their local city, to celebrate the religious Easter holiday and spend the holiday break together.

As a result, historically more motor vehicles on the road, have led to a weekend of multiplied road death stats.

If road users change their attitudes while behind the wheel, South Africa may actually see a reduction in road traffic fatalities this 2017 Easter.

Road traffic will stretch from the 14th of April 2017

Easter weekend officially starts on the 14th of April, with the arrival of Good Friday. According to AA, road traffic will climb on major routes such as the N1 and N2 towards Cape Town, the N3 towards KwaZulu-Natal, and the N3 in Limpopo. Fuel stations will therefore be packed and tolls will experience bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Most car crashes are due to poor driving behavior. Keep a watch-out for the indicated road signs, and more importantly, you are obliged to obey them. It is therefore important to retain a calm stance and value your road safety.

Road Safety Risks that many road users do not consider:

  1. Alcohol: Drunken driving alters perception, thus being one of the biggest factors of auto-crashes.
  2. Safety-belts: The use of seat-belts is dangerously low in South Africa, as most road users take comfort in the protective abilities of airbags. However, airbags are only limited to protecting the head, neck and chest; therefore, only supplementing seat-belts.
  3. Pedestrians: Around 50% of pedestrians are killed at night due to speeding, neglecting the responsibility of being extra vigilant during night drives, and at the same time, dimming headlights instead of using brights.
  4. Traffic lights: Driver road rage is heightened when pedestrians take their time to make their way across a traffic light; ultimately increasing the risk of road mayhem, especially when the driver is in a rush – 70% of road fatalities are due to speed.

Here are a few road safety tips to take into account this Easter 2017:

  • If you’re road-tripping this Easter weekend, rest every 2-hours and ensure that you have enough energy to reach your destination seamlessly.
  • Ensure you have a spare tyre and a road safety kit.
  • Adjust your driving according to your environment’s road conditions and the indicated road traffic signs.
  • Do not drive drunk. Your focus should be aimed on the road.
  • Consider other road users, especially pedestrians, children and cyclists.

CarZar raises road safety awareness to improve road safety measures. We urge all road users to not take road safety risks and to value your safety instead. Think about the consequences of your actions before making hasty road traffic decisions. A simple decision to not yield or to speed, can be a moment of regret.

If you’re always racing to the next moment, what will happen to the one you’re in?


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The above statistics were retrieved from Wheels24.