Why did Top Gear Ditch Jeremy Clarkson and Crew?

Why did Top Gear Ditch Jeremy Clarkson and Crew?

February 24, 2020
Posted by: Estefan
Jeremy Clarkson took an ordinary car show and turned it into the world’s greatest automotive ‘telly’ show.

Millions of global fans took a nudge to the head when Top Gear revealed the end to Jeremy Clarkson’s contract. Not only was this the case for Clarkson, but co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond selectively decided to take a drive to new ventures with the top-notch car enthusiast.

There has been many debates around why exactly Top Gear ditched Jeremy Clarkson. However, the BBC Director General confirms that Clarkson’s contract will not be renewed due to an unprovoked 30 second verbal and physical attack on TG’s producer, Oison Tymon. Why? Well, simply because ‘JC’ didn’t get a hot meal after a long rainy day of work in the cold.

You’re probably thinking, “But why care?” “JC brings in millions of traffic for each show!” “He practically IS Top Gear”.

It is clear that celebrities are not allowed to get away from just anything behind the scenes.

Tony Hall made a difficult thought-out decision to let go of Clarkson – talking about “crossing lines” and “threats to sack”. BBC Director of Television, Danny Cohen, suspended Clarkson’s contract with ongoing investigation, after which it was announced that his contract will not be renewed. At the time, Clarkson was on his final warning and in support, UK Prime Minister David Cameron agreed that, “abusive behavior is not accepted in the workplace”. Well, I guess you can call this a fair trade – bullying a world-renowned corporation and still getting ditched without charges.

What about Jeremy’s devoted disciples?

The Jeremy Clarkson era of Top Gear involved co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond. Top Gear is scheduled to continue without the three musketeers, who decided to start a new show for Amazon Prime – ‘The Grand Tour’.

Will Top Gear survive without Clarkson?

Top Gear’s new stunt-prone and rapid-paced show, will feature TV celebrities Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. But it’s all about fresh starts! Top Gear needs to make a fresh start with motoring that drives the Modern Age. And this is what Top Gear’s new co-hosts will be bringing to fans – a devised plan for each new presenter: Three different cars. Three different categories. Each car focusing the mind in different ways.


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