Purchasing your first car is life-changing – allowing you the independence to go anywhere and everywhere you want. However, you have to ensure you are financially stable and able to maintain your lifestyle. As the value of your car depreciates from the moment you leave the dealership, perhaps think of purchasing a secondhand car.

A second-hand car will be especially helpful when taking a driving test, as it would run smoother than a brand-new car. With a new car, you have to wait till it arrives, then go about taking a test to get your license. But with a second-hand car, you could buy it today and give your test tomorrow by applying for an early slot made available through driving test cancellations. As such, you’d get more out of having a second-hand car as your first than getting one brand new.

Saving up for the vehicle will be even more rewarding than making more debt by financing the car. Don’t buy with your heart, buy with your head – the novelty of a new vehicle eventually wears off.

CarZar went to the liberty of researching things you could afford by not purchasing a new car:

Long Term Investment For Your Financial Future

The future is unforeseen – being financially prepared is a wise decision to make. Saving ensures a less stressful financial future. Emergency funds are always needed, as you cannot predict what may happen in the upcoming weeks, let alone years! Saving now for your future will help you achieve those dreams, whether it be to send your child to college, or buy your dream home, cash!

An Annual Vacation

After a long year of hard work – you deserve to take the time to enjoy life and take time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Working without breaks adds to stress levels.  Vacation is a great opportunity to do things you usually don’t have time for – spend more time with your loved ones, exercising, cook family dinners etc. You’ll find, after your vacation, you are even more rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

Convenient Emergency Fund

Debt is the only option if you don’t have an emergency fund. Most financial plans are derailed by unexpected expenses which is why, even if you are trying to pay off debt, you need to make that emergency fund your first financial priority – no matter how well you plan, life happens.

The Bottom Line

It is important to thoroughly weigh your options before purchasing a new vehicle. Chances are, you could be sacrificing a whole lot more than you think.  Don’t live beyond your means. In South Africa, a car is seen as a status quo. Don’t follow the trend, save for something you need, something that will bring you much-needed joy. Indebting yourself will only bring about more frustration as the cost of living increases.

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