Cape Town – CarZar is disrupting the automotive industry and en-route to becoming South Africa’s fastest car buying service.

“Sell my car online for free” – that’s what everyone types into Google search engines when looking to sell a second hand car. As a car owner, placing your car up for sale can be a heartbreaking experience. Maybe you’ll encounter some mist along the road, muddling your brain about whether you should sell your used car online or not.
The best way to decide whether to sell your car privately or trade-in your car for cash, or to simply sell your car to CarZar online, is to weigh the pros and cons.
With CarZar, you can sell your car hassle free in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Get a free instant online quote on
  2. Book an obligation-free inspection for your vehicle.
  3. Receive instant payment!

Sell my car privately
Most car sellers prefer selling a car privately through online classifieds, for example, selling cars on Gumtree. If you think this is the fastest way to get the best car resale value, CarZar can surely change your mind about that. When selling your car privately through online classifieds, you become vulnerable to various safety risks, such as:

  • Vehicle scams by car owners selling cars through an ‘agent’
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Publishing your contact details for the world to see could potentially lead to hacking, spam emails and identity theft
  • Making your home address public can result in vehicle theft by buyers looking for your car
  • Theft during ‘test drives’ or when meeting up in dodgy areas

Maybe I should trade-in my car…
Unless you’re an expert in the car industry, dealers buying used cars will  haggle their way into making you perceive that their trade-in price is a ‘great deal’. However, you’re simply receiving a discount on your new car purchase.
Transforming the auto-trade industry, CarZar has made selling your second hand vehicle a seamless and positive experience.
Who is is an online platform through which you, as a car seller, can sell your car online for cash in just 30-minutes. What’s even better is that at CarZar, we buy cars for cash. Your benefit? Well, you’ll not only get cash for cars, but having instant cash in hands will give you the power to negotiate a really good discount on your new car purchase, and the flexibility to make the purchase at any dealership, without having to ‘match-up’ a good offer.
If you want to sell your car conveniently and safely, then CarZar has the right solution for you. Not sure of who CarZar is? At CarZar, we value safety, convenience, transparency and competence. We’d therefore love for you to get to know our services first.
Here are #10 facts about CarZar:
#1 Date of Birth: CarZar was founded in April 2016 by Brazilian civil and industrial engineer, Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, and South African management consultant for PwC and McKinsey Michael Muller.
# 2 WhatsApp Quote: You can now request a quote for your vehicle via WhatsApp. Simply WhatsApp the word “Quote” to 087-470-0436.
#3 Online Quote: Car sellers can get an online vehicle quote in just seconds by selecting the details that best matches their car! It is also completely FREE.
#4 Exclusive: What makes CarZar distinct to any other car buyer is its unique algorithm.
#5 Unique Algorithm: The online quote uses a unique algorithm that wields national data based on current market trends and previous transaction histories.
#6 No Service Charge: CarZar’s vehicle inspections are not only free, they’re also obligation-free.
#7 Inspection Locations: CarZar’s service are not limited to Car Buying Centres. The hassle of traveling is removed as CarZar offers off-site inspections, whether you want to sell your car in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban.
#8 Reconditioning Costs: At your inspection, all car reconditioning costs are calculated and subtracted from the final valuation offer.
#9 Paperwork: No worries. We’ll take care of ALL the paperwork for you!
#10 We Buy Cars, then we sell cars to the trade – not the public.

If you want to get the highest cash for cars, having Spare Keys, and Service History Book or alternative valid proof of Service History during your car inspection.
Discover your car’s resale value and get a vehicle online valuation free by clicking here. Sell your car in 30 minutes!
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