Horoscope predictions for Sun Signs are made, using the Astrological position of the planets. Horoscopes tell us about our character traits, how to get through life, our futures and love compatibility with different Zodiac Signs. However, they do not appreciate the companion that drives most people safely through life.

CarZar has pioneered a car horoscope to help and make it easier for people to find their perfect car match.

So, how does it work?

Well firstly, everyone has a CARmate. When you buy a car, what makes you choose that particular car? Its exterior and interior appeal? The excitement of the vehicle’s fun, sports drive? It’s safety and reliability features? Its classy and conservative look and feel? The point is that your ‘car at first site’ is based on your interests, likes and dislikes – hence, your personality.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs possesses differentiating character traits, and CarZar’s Car Horoscope matches these traits to the different features and qualities of a car. CarZar’s exclusive astrology therefore relates your sign to your car compatibility.

A valued car feature is their reliability in particular weather conditions. Each Car Horoscope sign is categorized into seasonal elements related to the four zodiac elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Spring represents ‘Air’, Summer represents ‘Fire’, Winter represents ‘Water’ and Autumn represents ‘Earth’. Find out your seasonal element!

Here is what our Car Horoscope is saying about your star sign:

20 January-18 February | Aquarius: Aquarius are shy but their energetic side fires up their need for individuality. Their CARmate spells adventure with a sting of space.
19 February-20 March | Pisces: Pisces are empathetic. Their CARmate is the talk of the Town and able to put many miles on the clock.

21 March-19 April | Aries: Aries are competitive about what they want in life. Their CARmate requires enough speed to take control on Modern roads.

20 April-20 May | Taurus: Taurus are always practical. Their CARmate therefore requires various high-tech features to meet their needs.

21 May-20 June | Gemini: With the unpredictable scattered-brain of Gemini, their CARmate is practical enough to do anything they want it to – mood-swinging from adventurous to comfortable.

21 June-22 July | Cancer: Cancer’s are nurturing. Their perfect CARmate embodies the definition of safety and reliable performance.

23 July-22 August | Leo: Leo’s brain are leadership-orientated. Their CARmate are attention-seeking Alpha’s on the road.

23 August-22 September | Virgo: Virgo’s are perfectionists. The ideal Virgo CARmate are therefore internally and externally enhanced, for a refined appeal and luxurious features.

23 September-22 October | Libra: Libra’s cherish friendship. Their CARmate’s accommodation is fit to drive friends and family, through memorable road-trips.

23 October-21 November | Scorpio: Scorpio’s are assertive. Their perfect car CARmate boasts turbocharged passion and capability.

22 November-21 December | Sagittarius: Sagittarius are curious people. Their CARmate is therefore optimistic and quick.

22 December-19 January | Capricorn: Always hard at work, Capricorn’s are practical and business-minded. Their ZARmate is a budget car that offers a wide variety of excellent performance features.

Find out your particular car compatibility by getting your zodiac sign reading from CARoscope.

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