If you’ve ever wondered, “Where I can get the best possible price for my pre owned car in South Africa?”, CarZar.co.za has the answer for you!

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Most second hand car owners have the perception that their pre owned car will be worth only slightly less than what they originally bought it for. However, car depreciation is one of the biggest factors which affect the value of a pre owned car, and this is something your car dealer will definitely take into account when you trade in car. In fact, South Africa’s entire second hand car market takes vehicle depreciation into account, when calculating the value of a pre owned car.

The difference is who can give you the best price for your pre owned car

Let’s weigh-out your options.

1. Trade in Car at a Car Dealer

Just because you don’t have to trade in car at the same car dealer you plan to buy a new car, it does not mean you’ll get a mind-blowing car trade in value for your pre owned car. The mistake that many car sellers make is believing that car dealers provide amazing offers on a vehicle exchange. However, trading in a second hand car is not as seamless as it is perceived to be:

Rather than scoring a higher price, you’re actually receiving a significant discount on your new car purchase.

2. Privately Advertising Pre Owned Cars for Sale

Apart from the safety risks involved in marketing your pre owned car for sale, there are also a whole lot of haggling involved! Which, essentially, means that you’ll probably never go home with your the resale value of your car – it’s only human nature for second hand car buyers to enter the sale with some negotiating.

3. Car Auctions

If your pre owned car looks like a dime in selling condition, chances are, you’ll definitely score a deal if you decide to auction car for sale. This is mainly due to the rarity of finding a diamond in the rough – most pre owned cars at car auctions are either in barely running condition, or do not possess certification or warranty. But, the main question is, “Will it be the best price I can get for my pre owned car?”

For second hand car buyers, your pre owned car for sale will most likely get them more for their money. Ultimately – but, unfortunately – this means that the odds are in your driveway, as car auctions allow car buyers to easily yield a decent pre owned car for a very low price.

4. CarZar.co.za

CarZar gets you the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your pre owned car! Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 Get an estimated value for your pre owned car on www.carzar.co.za.

STEP 2 – To receive a transparent vehicle evaluation, book an inspection at one of our DEKRA or KwikFit partner locations, or at your preferred location

STEP 3: After your vehicle has been inspected, you can choose between our 2 Options:

Option 1: Instant Cash – At the end of your inspection, you’ll have the option to accept our final cash offer, for an instant payment straight into your bank account.

Option 2: More for your Car – Depending on your car specs, you could get up to 15% more than your instant cash offer! Let us simply advertise your car to our nationwide network of dealers for 48-hours. We’ll take care of all the hassle for you!

STEP 4: Accept our instant cash offer or the highest offer made by our network of dealers, and we’ll make an instant payment and take care of all the admin for you!

Get the best nationwide offers and a possible match on your asking price.

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