Many car buyers are skeptical when it comes to purchasing a Hybrid car, as it is simply something new them. They are most likely traditional in the sense that they are too conditioned into buying the common petrol and diesel engine.

However, we have entered the Modern Age and the world is revolutionizing. With advancements in technology, even the movie industry has been creating futuristic car concepts – not only hybrid, but autonomous and flying cars too.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) use both gasoline and electric motor engines. The advantage of having a hybrid car is that you can buy a model variant that offers either better fuel economy or increased power – or just one that balances CO2 and power.

To put your mind about hybrid cars at ease, CarZar looks further into how exactly the Hybrid car engine works. Watch the below video to find out:

WATCH: How a Hybrid Engine Works. YouTube video by


Now that you know how a hybrid engine works? Why not give it a try – you’ll also help reduce the large amounts of CO2 gas emitted into the South African environment.


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