Heavy rain and gale force winds are expected to hit Cape Town for the next 24-hours, and authorities are readying themselves up for the storm. CarZar urges all road users to take extra precaution while traveling.

Cape Town Weather Service has issued a critical weather warning as Cape Town head toward a hurricane-type storm. CarZar.co.za, South Africa’s fastest online car buying service, urges all road users to prepare and avoid traveling as much as possible.

Cape Town’s massive storm

Here’s what you need to know about the expected storm:

– 80mm of rain showers

– 100-140 km/h of wind

– Higher regions will experience some hefty snow levels

– Floods on flat areas

– Mountain-side roads will come into contact with mud slides


EWN reports that the Western Cape Education Department have implemented plans to shut down all public schools and learner transport on Wednesday, 7th of June 2017 due to “learner and educator safety”; while many areas have been evacuated. The University of Cape Town, the University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University will also lock its doors for the day.

High risk areas

Disaster response teams will be on high alert at high risk locations, such as rural areas, which are more susceptible to major floods. According to the City of Cape Town’s disaster spokesperson Charlotte Powell, informal settlements such as Masiphumelele, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha are top priorities for disaster relief due to its “wetland”.

Disaster Management

According to provincial government spokesperson Micheal Mpofu, Disaster Management are preparing for one of the worst storm. South African air force emergency response teams and disaster response teams will be placed on high alert from 10pm. The disaster centre will be linked to SAPS, Cape Town’s Law Enforcement Team, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), Provincial Traffic and Health Emergency Centres.

Top 5 tips for driving in heavy rain and storms

#1 Turn on your vehicle headlights.

#2 Ensure your windscreen wipers can do a clean sweep.

#3 Drive at a safe speed and following distance, at least 6-seconds in front of you to ensure clear visibility when braking safely.

#4 Avoid rapid braking, accelerating or steering.

#5 In deep water levels, put your car on a low gear and drive slowly while gripping the wheel steadily.

ZAR (value) your road safety and help to keep roads clear of unnecessary traffic. CarZar stresses the importance of keeping off roads for the next 24-hours, to avoid getting caught up in the massive storm approaching Cape Town.

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