The best safety device you can install in a vehicle is a trained driver,

Road safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to driving on the road. Advanced Driving Courses have therefore been designed for road users who want to speed up their driving skills to the next level and develop defensive driving. However, it’s not all educational. Reviews illustrate that the advanced training is also an exhilarating experience, filled with fun and excitement.

Defensive driving is a tested method particularly designed to prevent road collisions. The techniques of defensive driving are illuminated during on-road training on the racing circuit, in order to develop the driver’s ability to apply advanced techniques when having to deal with diverse road conditions, at normal speed.

According to Arrive Alive, 95% of road accidents are a result of human error. Advanced Driving Courses have been created to turn the average driver into a safe, skillful and defensive road user; therefore reducing the risk of a crash and contributing towards road safety, as road users re-evaluate, adapt and develop fast instincts when encountering hitches along the road.

Research has revealed that most drivers become “worse drivers” over time, as they develop a false sense of comfort behind the wheel. The awareness of road safety that comes with Advanced Driving Courses therefore include the recognition of unexpected road hazards and the appropriate driver response.

The Benefits of Advanced Driving Courses for Road Safety

Driving courses are a great way to boost your confidence on the road; not only when encountering a road hazard, but also when dealing with dangers, such as a hijacking. Here are a few advantages of Advanced Driving Courses:

  • Confidence: Feel safer, less stressed and more competent in driving abilities.
  • Reduce costs: Driving defensively means less vehicle wear-and-tear and fuel consumption.
  • Systematic: Use brakes, clutch and gears, in sync with the car and the road.
  • Seamless: Drive with stability on the road and progress with caution, without any sense of rush or hesitance.
  • Restraint: Holdback from hazards to ensure road safety and reassure passengers with ease.

What you can expect

Organisations differentiate in the various ways in which they approach an Advanced Driving Course.

Training may take place on a busy road, within city centres, in a controlled environment or on a racetrack. The perks of using a controlled, open road is that candidates can develop the skills required to ensure high road safety, using perfect observation and maximum road positioning.

But the advanced training can also proceed towards bumpy roads, due to the difficult challenges that candidates will face. In this case, candidates have to generate self-control in dealing with tricky hazards, through the drive.

CarZar stresses the importance of road safety and urge all drivers to improve their road safety skills through an Advanced Driving Course. Drive with confidence, safety, enjoyment and arrive alive.

Develop excellent performance in ALL situations and you’re on your way to becoming an advanced driver!

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