Believe it or not, just like any other country, safety in South Africa is high-priority. CarZar has provided you detailed information on how to be safe during your stay.

Avoid becoming victim to crime in South Africa, and experience the warmth and beauty of an African country instead.

Here are 16 important rules that will help reduce the risks becoming victim crime in South Africa:

  1. Avoid roaming central business districts at night time – there may be dodgy people waiting to target anyone passing by.
  2. Avoid walking around at night -especially when you’re in a city you don’t quite know. If you need to rush somewhere, call a reliable cab or Uber – don’t trust any taxi on the street. Be alert and stay safe.
  3. If you’re planning to go out and explore, avoid wearing flashy, expensive jewellery. Do not carry large amounts of cash – rather pay that little extra to swipe your debit or credit card. Do not show off your camera – only take it out when necessary.  Hold your personal items close to you and be aware of pickpockets. Stay alert of your surroundings when at an ATM.
  4. If you’ll be hiring and driving a car, always ensure that the doors are locked. Avoid driving with your vehicle windows down – ignore any stranger who tries to distract you at stop streets or at traffic lights.
  5. After parking your vehicle, ensure that all personal possessions are out of sight –  put them in the car boot instead. To be on the safer side, when leaving your car, use a good steering-lock at all times. Ensure the vehicle you are using has a removable car radio to put in your boot or take with you when leaving your car.
  6. Do not always trust ‘car guards’. They don’t always guarantee the safety of your car. If you need a car guard, make sure the person is wearing an official “bib” clearly showing that he is a recognised car guard.
  7. Before you embark on your road trip, ensure your vehicle tank is full. In South Africa, distances between cities are big and there are very few petrol stations.  It’s best to also make sure that your vehicle is in good mechanical and electrical condition.
  8. Plan your trip in advance. Ensure you have a good, detailed map during your journey. Take note: South African street names may change, so make sure it’s the updated one.
  9. Stay alert! Don’t stop for any person who may seem “in trouble” on the open road –  muggers are known to set up “roadblocks” to distract drivers, so do not fall into the trap. Instead, drive on and report it to the police.
  10. Before you leave your country, find out whether or not your phone will work in South Africa – in case of emergency. It is important to have a cell phone to carry with you at all times. If your country phone doesn’t work, buy or hire a cell phone immediately when you arrive. For emergency, call the police on 10111.
  11. When planning to travel to isolated areas such as the Wild Coast, get up-to-date information on safety from The National Tourism Information and Safety – the number to call is 083 123 2345.  Ensure you have enough information about your trip – get help from locals about the best route and security in the area.
  12. It’s without a doubt that South Africa has a huge collection of wildlife and game parks. Though driving through a game park may be exciting and fun, it is not safe to get out of the vehicle – except places safely designed for camping and picnic. Bare in mind, these are wild animals – it’s their home and you are a guest in their territory. Avoid getting close to any animal – if one crosses your way, stop your vehicle and keep quiet, do not hang out of the window, point, etc.  Do not play loud music – it is recommended that you don’t make any noises, simply enjoy observing nature peacefully.
  13. Avoid walking alone in forests – it is recommended to always walk within a group.
  14. If you are staying in a guesthouse or hotel, always leave your important documents such as passports and air tickets in your room. In a case of an emergency, ensure you carry copies with you wherever you go.
  15. For your safety, always keep your hotel room locked – only open your room door if you know who’s on the other side.

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