There comes a point in life to decide whether to trade-in your car or sell it for cash. Both options have its gains and losses.

Most sellers trade in their car due to convenience.

However, it is more than just about which is easier…

Trading-in means losing out on possible thousands of Rand, to dealerships. And not all dealers are reliable – a dealership with 7 red Volkswagen’s like yours wouldn’t want a backlog of the same automobile.

The choice, however, is entirely up to you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of trading in your car VS selling it for cash.

Trading in your car is, first and foremost, painless. The dealership’s team of specialists and inspectors handles and takes all the nitty gritty recons off your hands. Payment is also as instant as a click of a button – after you complete all the paperwork first.

Some dealerships are willing to pay high sums of money for particular second hand cars – nonetheless, still competing with what you’ll get from a private cash-in.

Don’t expect your car’s retail expanse when trading-in!

Trading-in has its shortcomings…

Unlike the very few dealerships that offer high prices for certain cars, most car dealerships bargain a low trade-in value to car-owners.

Selling your car for cash means breaking even with the amount you bought it for, or even earning profit! Securing a car sale deal worth more than the retail cost, is highly likely.

Negotiating is easier when selling for cash.

It is easier to negotiate cash deals, than trade-ins with dealers. However, buyers always try to negotiate lower than your asking rate. Selling for cash therefore lets you market your car at a high value to leave room for negotiation.

Selling for cash has its cons though… It requires a lot of physical work. And money!

If you want to sell for cash, make sure your second-hand auto shows off its value. This means taking your car to a mechanic, to maintenance all those damaged parts… Getting the interior spring-cleaned and making the exterior look like an out-of-the-box buy.

Buyers want their next second-hand automobile to look like a well-kept one.

This excludes expensive advertising. Selling for cash requires you to get your sale ‘out there’. Spending money on an ad is a disadvantage but spending money to advertise would guarantee a phone-call – turning that small amount spent into a big amount earned!

The truth is that you won’t get as much money from a trade in, as you would get by selling for cash. Are you really prepared to receive less for extra convenience? Selling for cash earns you big money!

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