Travelling can cost you a lot of money and you can even end up using your emergency fund.

But, did you know there are simple ways to travel on a limited budget?

What if we tell you, “You don’t need to rob the bank to travel and have the time of your life”!

CarZar supplies you with top tips to carry through your trip – with no regrets… Here are tips on how to travel on a limited budget:

  1. Plan where you will sleep:
  • Network: Research your destination – before travelling. Get your accommodation sorted out – perhaps a friend or family member might know someone. You can even ask them to join the fun and be your tour guide.  
  • House-keeping: Certainly, it’s a good method of getting free shelter from a host family. However, be prepared to do a bit of household chores – but first make sure both parties are in full agreement.
  • Home-swap: Perhaps there’s someone across the world dreaming about visiting your country. Remember when Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swapped homes at Christmastime in ‘The Holiday’? It’s exactly like that!
  • Sleep in your car: It’s not the ideal 5-star room, but let’s face it… It’s probably the best plan Z you can think of. There are many places that offer overnight parking. Fold down your rear or front passenger seat to create a comfy sleeping space – you’ll save money and get some QT with your car.

2. Plan how you will eat:

  • Get or borrow a camp stove: Cook up your own feast, without care about the fast food special of the day.You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to cook an affordable and delicious pasta feast in a parking lot or rest stop!
  • Pack snacks: As you know, fuel stations generally overprice food and snacks. Save on the cash spend and pack in some snacks before beginning your journey on the road – perhaps some energy bars too.

3. Bring along some helpful tools and supplies

  • Facial or baby wipes: When travelling, bathing can become a struggle – chances are you may not have immediate access to a shower. Wipes will help you freshen up easily.
  • A portable backpack: There might be times where you’ll need to walk. Pack a bag intended for that purpose. For your comfortability, get a bag with padded support straps.
  • Travel health: Do not forget your medication! Your top priority should be health and safety. No one wants to get sick on their vacation, but in case you catch a cold, you need to take the necessary precautions – going to the doctor is not an option. Remember, you are on a tight budget and stretching your trip money should definitely be your goal.

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