The simple use of a seat belt has been globally proven to be one of the most effective measures in protecting drivers from road accident injury, in the event of a vehicle collision.

According to Arrive Alive, South Africa’s seat belt-wearing rate for drivers are high, especially in Cape Town, as drivers have the opportunity to buckle-up quickly before having to stop at a road block and receive a R250 fine for not being strapped in.

South African road traffic statistics show that the wearing-rate on urban access roads to high-speed freeways is high, in comparison to the CBD City Centre. Many drivers are therefore under the impression that a seat belt is not entirely necessary at relatively lower speeds. However, road traffic accident reports indicate that the impact of crashes is at lower speeds of 40km/h to 60km/h. Not wearing a seat belt at lower speeds is therefore an underestimated misconception by many road users.

Although wearing a seat belt is just another South African road safety story, it is essential to portray seat belts as a life-saving device for every driver. South African road accident statistics indicate that the force exerted on a seat belt, at the moment of a vehicle collision, is 32 times that of the wearer and provides an 80% chance of survival. Strategies on road safety therefore require an instant revamp towards seat belt wearing rates.

Many people do not think about the danger that can come from not wearing a seat belt, in terms of road safety awareness. In this case, front occupants could fly out the window or retain injury from interior surfaces, while rear-seat passengers are often part of this physical interaction.

Value your road safety and the safety of your passengers. Buckle-up and ensure your passengers are strapped into their seat belt as well!

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