When selling your car privately through online classifieds, you become vulnerable to various safety risks.

Majority of car sellers type, “sell my car online classifieds” or “sell my car quickly”, into Google’s search engine, without thinking about the safety risks that can come along with it. Many online second hand car sellers have fallen victim to scams by car owners selling their car through an “agent”, fraudulent transactions, thievery as the “potential buyer” receives your home address or wants to meet up in a dodgy areas, spam emails and calls, identity theft, etc…

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If you sell car online and the sale looks too good to be true, it probably is. CarZar starts its engines in the online marketplace and offers some excellent hacks on staying safe while you sell your car online:

  1. Don’t advertise your personal information. Create a dedicated business email instead.

  2. Protect your identity. Use an up-to-date web browser, secure password and personal information on social media – social media sites generally offer a setting to block your profile from search engines.

  3. Use online transaction platforms such as PayPal. Scammers tend to send a fake cheque with too much money and ask the car seller to wire the difference.

  4. Wait for the cheque to clear. Hold on to the title and keys until the cheque clears.

  5. Google search the buyer’s name. There might be complaints about fraudsters using fake identities.

  6. Protect your PC. Update your security software, set a secure WI-FI password and encrypt your wireless network, block-out spammers and ensure your PC has antivirus software installed.

  7. Verify they buyer’s personal details. Ensure that the buyer’s address and contact number is valid.

  8. Be wary of car export scams. Scammers generally come across with a sense of urgency, unnecessary or private information, and upfront payments.

  9. Don’t put yourself at risk. Meet up in a public area and take someone with you.

So, where can I sell my car online?

With an online car buying service like CarZar.co.za, you can get a free online car valuation and be ensured to sell car fast.

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The transaction when selling my car online for free.

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