Dogs are attracting the eyes of vehicle designers and manufacturers. The result? Nissan has offered dogs a great ‘paw’ deal when it comes to cars, especially those dogs who have to deal with long road trips.

The car is based on the highly-attractive Nissan X-Trail. Although the human-centered tweaks are not noticeable, the vehicle’s new features can definitely be seen when you open the boot.

Gone are the days when ‘the man’s best friend’ had to jump into the scratchy interior of a modern car boot that was sort of “softened” with a blanket. But, leather takes the comfort of boots to a whole new level.

As weird as it may sound, dogs have dignity too and the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs have taken this overseen issue into account. Imagine how you would feel if you were separated from a family socializing on comfy car seats, while the only contact you get is a peak through the fence.

Offering space for two, here are the exclusive features offered by the boot of the canine contraption:

  • Leather boot: The 445-litre boot has been created to meet dogs’ need for snug, wipe-clean quilted leather upholstery and an integrated 360 degree dog-wash pull-out system.
  • Climate control: Select the perfect temperature for your dog’s adaptability, air-conditioning and airflow intensity. The warm air heaters in the boot, also offers a warmer environment during cold weather, when compared to the standard X-Trail SUV.
  • Dog-cam: The driver can check up on their pet, on a live infotainment screen (sat nav). Vice-versa, the screen is also connected to a camera facing the driver – the dog will therefore be able to see the driver. It also has an audio link for audio feedback!
  • Wash and dry system: Integrated within the moving ‘dog-house’ is a 360 degree pull-out dog-washing system in a smart drawer, as well as a drying system supplying warm air to the boot. Owners will find this valuable after a muddy walk and dogs who absolutely hates the idea of being wet will appreciate the dryer.
  • Integrated bowls: From a food bowl to a water bowl, this boot has a motion-activated electric bowl. The best part is that the water bowl is a non-spill one, while the food bowl has a treat dispenser.

Other features the hounds will love:
– Side compartments for snack and leads storage
– A clip-on harness hook
– A slide away ramp to get into the boot; or otherwise, the ‘red carpet’ for dogs.
– Dog guard fence above the rear seats
Dog emblems on the rear exterior of the car

With the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs, your dog can be sure to join the family pack during road trips or a simple drive to the park.

It’s the ‘paw-fect’ car for dog lovers and dogs, who also love family adventures! The X-Trail has been refined to take pets out in all weathers!

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