Summer Care Tips: Maintain your car’s running condition

Summer Care Tips: Maintain your car’s running condition

February 24, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Car maintenance does not take a break, whether you’ve just recently bought a new car or still commuting with your old faithful second hand car.

Just as winter, South Africa’s summer season can present second hand car issues in your components such as your car’s coolant system, engine, tyres and many more.

So, if you’re planning a road trip this summer, go the extra mile with these 7 car care tips!

Dashboard sunshade

Summer in South Africa can reach up to 40-degrees. Do you really want to leave your car’s dashboard out in the sun for hours, while spending the day at Clifton 4th? Protect your car’s front dashboard against the sun’s scorching ultraviolet rays with a protective windshield cover.

Air-conditioning system

We all use an air-conditioning system during the summer, even some buses do – for the sake of our own sanity during the sweating heat. If your A/C seems a bit faulty, there’s most-likely a leak somewhere as a result of a low refrigerant in the system. However, this does not always mean having to pay bucket-loads to have your aircon system recharged. Take your car to a trusted, reputable mechanic to seal the leak.

Coolant system

Nothing’s better than keeping cool in the hot summer and it’s no different for your car. Your second hand car’s coolant system plays a major role in making sure that your car doesn’t overheat. Retain your car’s coolant fluid level, and do a DIY cross-check on its hose and coolant reservoir. Leaks are also common at the joints and connection points, where a hose connects to the engine block. To help maintain the firmness of the hose, it’s best to give it a squeeze to ensure that it is not soft.

Engine belt

If you hear a squealing sounds coming from your car, it’s time to check your engine belt. Engine belts are eventually bound to loosen, deteriorate or just simply break. Ensure that it has the right amount of tension, and if you see cracks or pieces missing, it’s time to get your engine belt replaced.

Air filter

If your car has been out and about through the winter, leaves may have clogged up your air filter drainage points. Give your air filter a quick clean, or get it replaced and ready for the new year!


Tyres are a key all-round maintenance component of your second hand car. Avoid running into a flat that will leave you waiting for hours in the summer heat. Check that there are:

  1. No stones stuck in the treads.
  2. Plenty tread depth.
  3. Tyre pressure match the requirements stated in the car’s manual.
  4. No cracks or uneven wear.
  5. A spare tyre.

Driver and passengers

It’s hot, and the best thing to do for yourself and your passengers is to maintain hydration. If the heat is causing fatigue, pull-over and stretch your legs. Got a vehicle service coming up? Ensure you get it done before heading off to your holiday or road trip. Check that you have enough fuel, engine oil and car water, as well as ensure your driving license is up-to-date.

Why not have your second hand car inspected before heading off to your summer break? At CarZar, we provide a technical inspection to help make sure your car is in safe, running and roadworthy condition for the summer.

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