Madrid – On Sunday, July 16th, a 1969 Spanish family rollercoaster looped its way through too many loops, generating a collision massive enough to produce injuries.

news24 has revealed breaking news about the suffering of 33 people who took a trip down to the City of Spain’s oldest family-favourite amusement park, Parque de Atracciones.

According to reports by Madrid’s emergency services, the minor injuries came from a collision between 2 rollercoaster trains… The infamous train rollercoaster being the Tren de la Mina or “Mine Train”.

But before you assume the worst outcome, according to the emergency service spokesperson, here’s what happened…

After completing a loop, the delinquent train failed to stop. Waiting next in line to leave the rollercoaster station, a new train took a rear hit from the uncontrollable train. Let’s hope this was only due to an electrical or mechanical default in the rollercoaster – we’re not pointing any fingers…

Out of the 33 injured people, 27 bruised who took a bolt from the blue, were taken to hospital for further examination.

Although the train injuries sustained may be minor, let’s face it… Wouldn’t you be fiercely shocked if you were in a rollercoaster collision that was 17.5m high and travelled 450m through waterfalls at a fast speed of 55km/h?

Despite the fact that nobody is being shunned with blame, it has been said that Madrid’s police and staff of the Parque de Atracciones are currently in process of investigating the accident cause.

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