South African Fuel Plant Prioritises Green Cars

South African Fuel Plant Prioritises Green Cars

February 27, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Demands for eco-friendly, clean energy vehicles are increasing due to the South African economy’s extreme pollutive state causing droughts. South Africa’s fuel industry has therefore placed environmentalist movements’ ‘green economy’ demands, for a sustainable environment, on its list of top priorities.

According to officials from Isondo Precious Metals, South Africa will birth Africa’s first fuel cell component plant, which will start production in December 2017. The new fuel cell component plant intends to manufacture fuel cells by using platinum, to speed up the fuel industry’s carbon footprint on South African land. The fuel plant therefore has high ambitions to become one of the globe’s top platinum producers.

How will it work?

Fuel cells will be using chemical reactions to convert fuel into electrical energy. Engines driven on fuel cells will therefore have a major impact in reducing South Africa’s dependence on foreign oil, as well as decrease the levels of harmful emissions causing the country’s current climate changes. Fuel cell will run on gasoline and cause zero negative emissions; providing South Africa’s environment with substantial amounts of ‘green’ benefits.

So what are the costs?

Saving the environment turns out to be fairly inexpensive. The fuel plant will benefit due to reasonably priced labor costs, easily obtainable raw materials and tax breaks. The new plant will therefore be accessing readily-available material placed at the same merit of quality as international fuel cell component plants.

With South Africa rising in its environmental sustainability, global vehicle fuel cells will increase by millions as more car industries enter the demand for the renewable energy market.

“They run on gas rather than gasoline and emit no harmful tailpipe emissions. Several challenges must be overcome for them to be competitive with conventional vehicles, but their potential benefits are substantial.”

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