Superminis, wagons and SUV’S are dominating the automotive industry’s family market. But, why?

Well, when you have kids, you kind of have no choice but to opt for big and spacious vehicle; yet, at the same time, aiming for a SUV with high-tech safety features and traction control for ultimate handling.
With road safety taking top priority for motorists with families, perhaps it’s time to invest in a vehicle that ticks-off all the family vehicle essentials required to ensure safety on the roads. has picked out the top 5 upcoming family cars for the automotive industry’s class of 2018:
1. Nissan Leaf. For families who love technology, the 2018 Nissan Leaf will be a remastered 2nd-gen version of the electric 4-door Nissan Leaf. The new Leaf boasts 200 extra miles on charge for the clock; a tumid exterior; one-pedal driving; various battery options; and ProPilot technology pledging advanced autonomy on highways!

Image credit: ExtremeTech
2. Ford Explorer. The 2018 Ford Explorer promises comfort, quality and top-of-the-range handling capabilities. The sleek, 3-row-seat family wagon seats 7 passengers, with much leeway for front-seat passengers. Given a seat upgrade, the family vehicle offers soft and supportive cushions. The new Explorer engages the driver with its 2.3-l 4-turbo engine and all-wheel drive.

Image credit: Kelly Blue Book
3. Mercedes-Benz X-Class. If you’re seeking the thrill of the perfect family adventure – with your dog – the new X-Class is not called ‘the Truck Deluxe’ for nothing. The family X-Class ‘bakkie’ can take on steep inclines, features Hill Start Assist and provides the option of 100% differential lock for the rear axle. Get a 360-degree camera view while doing off-road maneuvers.

Image credit: Motor 1
4. Honda Odyssey. The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a minivan of its unique kind. The new, sleek Honda family minivan offers a range of segment-first features.
Honda Odyssey. The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a minivan of its unique kind. The new, sleek Honda family minivan offers a range of segment-first features. These minivans offer extra space for people with disabilities. Their significant features are Side-Entry Infloors for the easy access of wheelchairs independently with sliding doors. And there is another additional feature called Step and Roll, which enables the wheelchairs to replace the front seats. All these extra amenities, make Honda Odyssey one of the top priorities among the wheelchair accessible vans in the market.
Apart from this, it also has other extraordinary features like the Advanced Compatibility Engineering exterior, which includes high-strength steel, acoustic laminated windshield glass to limit noise pollution, and an active shutter system in front of the grille. Its interior features high-end air tech and top-notch safety features to ensure family road safety.

Image credit: Honda automobiles
5. BMW X2. Early 2018 in the automotive market will witness the series of new BMW2. The BMW’s 2018 family SUV combines compact and coupe, while taking on a front-wheel drive – similar to that of the xDrive’s 4-wheel drive. The X2 is expected to boast 4-cylinder petrol and diesel units. Appealing to the sport-eyes, the SUV’s structure will fit in perfectly when arriving at the soccer or rugby stadium.

Image credit: Motor 1
We get it. You’re probably reluctant to get a station wagon to avoid the cliche’ ‘mom-car’ tag that comes with it. But, family cars are not always boring; especially when your family has the latest vehicle technology to mess around with during a long holiday road trip. Why not sell your used car and get a family-friendly SUV, minivan or bakkie (pickup truck). By doing so, you can be sure to expect:

  • Spacious – seats can fold to fit in large furniture.
  • Tons of seating – 7 to 8 passengers.
  • Entertainment – built-in DVD and in-app leisure can keep the kids amused until the end of your road journey.

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