You can now buy cars through a vending machine! It’s as easy as buying a can of Coca-Cola or packet of Simba chips. Well, at least in Singapore…

Singapore reigns as having the world’s largest luxury car ‘vending machine’, and that’s thanks to Autobahn Motors. The vending machine stores up to 60 luxury sports cars from major brands around the world. Imagine a life-sized ‘Hot Wheels’ tower collection. The benefit? ABM has established an idea that drives away issues of limited space within countries such as Singapore.

The brains behind the vision
Starting off with a showroom of vehicles, Autobahn Motors (ABM) decided to expand luxury vehicle storage within the country’s high cost of living and limited real estate place. This was mainly due to the company’s requirement to store loads of cars. The solution? A tall vending machine with a 15-story luxury, sport and classic car collection to choose from.

Major car brands such as Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley can be seen from almost every angle down the road of ABM; as well as purchased from customers at the location.

How it works

Well, it’s as simple buying at every other common vending machine. With the Technology Age always taking us by surprise, buyers at the towered vending machine can select the car they want through an app which uses a high-end automated system to manage inventory and retrieval. Customers can also expect delivery to the ground floor within two minutes of payment, due to the exclusive ‘fishbone’ delivery system.

CarZar is quite impressed about the multi-story window facade of 15 levels, and 4 columns of exotic and luxury cars on display. Not only will the ‘concept’ contribute towards reducing overpopulation within Singapore; but the future of the globe will benefit by finally getting the long sought after efficiency of parking and space through the ‘vending machine’ concept.

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