Or should you sell a car privately instead?

When it comes to selling a car, there are many options: you can sell a car privately, sell to a car buying service or sell car to dealer. While each of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, if you decide to sell your car to a dealer, then these are some things to consider.

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Sell car to dealer: will they buy it?

While many dealers will make an offer on your car regardless of make, model or condition, others are more picky. Manage your expectation when you sell used cars – understand that if your car has lots of issues that require fixing, it may not make sense for a dealer to buy it if they’ll struggle to make their money back after paying for reconditioning. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to trade in a car – it just means you may not get an offer you like. Do some research to ensure that you sell car to dealer who will buy it – look at the other cars they have on the lot and compare them to your used car’s age and condition, and try to determine the trade-in value for a car like yours: use CarZar’s website to get a good idea of a fair market value for your second-hand car.

Which dealer should you use?

Remember that if you’re planning to sell car for cash and not trade in a car, dealers may be less interested in the deal. First try dealers that sells your brand of car before moving onto other dealerships. For older models, you might struggle to sell car to dealer who mainly sells newer vehicles, so instead go for a dealership that sells mainly used cars.

Pros and cons of sell car to dealer

Selling car to dealer has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is peace of mind: you know that you won’t have to deal with strangers who may not be trustworthy, and the process may be easier and faster too. But the biggest disadvantage of trading in a car instead of selling a car privately is a big one: you won’t make as much money. Dealers are trying to make a profit on every car they buy – especially if you buying a new car at the same time. Your car trade in value is determined by the ‘discount’ that a dealer offers you on the new car and the price he’s willing to pay for your used car – the dealer always wins.