Should you buy a new car or keep your old car running?

Should you buy a new car or keep your old car running?

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Unless you’re a top market player, you’ll probably experience an unattractive view of the new car market. The average cost of a new car today is way passed the ‘car affordability’ scale for most South Africans – it’s no wonder the second hand car market is revving up on sales these days.

So, the main question is, ‘do I sell my car and get cash for cars or keep my old second car running middle-of-the-road with fuel consumption?’

It took months or years to save up for your wheels; you’ve cried sweat and tears to ensure that your vehicle finance repayments are on time. So, surely you want to get your money, time and efforts-worth from the resale value of your car?

We’re not saying keep your old-faithful running either – consider your options and consider the more economical option, instead of speeding into a regretful decision.

Keep your old car running

  • Expensive reconditioning, maintenance and servicing costs.
  • Car insurance costing an arm and a leg.
  • Retaining a great deal of toxic fuel emissions.
  • Your car depreciates as soon as it touches the road.This means the resale value of your car decreases as time goes by. Time is of the essence! Thus, the sooner you sell it, the more cash you will receive!

Trade-in your car for a new one

  • Calculate the market value of your car on and find out your car trade in value.
  • A high mileage means a relinquish in the trade in value of your car.
  • When you trade in car, you’ll simply receive a discount on your new car purchase, rather than a ‘great offer’.
  • You’ll have to bring your car into ‘selling condition’ – this means expensive reconditioning to get the best car resale value out of your car trade in.
  • You’ll get locked in with a dealership who doesn’t have the new car you desire when you trade in your car.

Sell your car for cash privately and buy a new car

  • Safety risks play the biggest role in private car sales, for example, fraudulent transactions and scams, meeting malicious stranges in dodgy locations, theft during test drives, the list goes on…
  • You more likely to get haggled into an unreliable cash offer for your car.
  • Advertising “Sell my car” on online classIfieds like Gumtree or OLX, means dealing with the hassle of getting a valet and perfect photos of your car’s interior and exterior, dealing with consistent calls, arranging meetings, identity theft, writing up paperwork, ensuring the used car’s change of ownership title, etc.
  • Do you trust the ‘car buyer’ enough to ‘guarantee’ the transaction after the private car sale has concluded?

Getting the best price the market can offer and buy a new car

With CarZar, you’re guaranteed:

Convenience – sell your car in 3 quick and easy steps. On you can get a free online quote for your car in seconds, obligation-free car inspection, instant cash payment when your sell your car, and we’ll take care of the paperwork for you.

Safety – meet with a professional CarZar car inspector at your preferred location. As soon as you accept the final cash offer, payment is made straight into your bank account and you get to keep the car until you see the cash in your account – we also provide you with proof of payment from our bank.

Transparency – you can also book your obligation-free inspection at selected DEKRA vehicle inspection centres in Cape Town (Wynberg, Montague Gardens, N1 City and Parow) and Johannesburg (Centurion and Marlboro Park), and you’ll receive a transparent, independent car inspection to receive a fair, reliable final cash offer for your second hand car. If unhappy with your quote, we’ll advertise your vehicle to our nationwide network of dealers to allow you to receive the best price the market is willing to pay.

CarZar – For South African’s, “sell my car” has never been easier.  For more information, visit You can also like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @CarZarDotCoZa