Owning a car is similar to having a baby – well, at least on the financial side of matters…

It’s a massive financial decision due to all its high costs of nurturing:

  • Feeding it fuel, oil and water
  • Taking it to the auto-doctor – auto-repair shop or vehicle serving station
  • Changing its tyres, headlights or windscreen wipers, as though it’s a baby who needs new clothes as it grows older
  • Getting it medical aid, or otherwise, known as ‘vehicle insurance’
  • Apart from other costly expenses

If you’re a second-hand car owner, you should know exactly all the hassle that comes with nurturing a used car – let alone, trying to sell your car privately while aiming for the best possible resale value.
However, there are some things we just cannot control; such as ‘car depreciation’…
Depreciation plays a major role when calculating the resale value of a car. Your car’s value will depreciate as soon as it touches the road. However, the rate of depreciation decreases as the car gets older. Your car value is also dependent on its mileage. The lower the mileage, the higher your car resale value will be. Different car brands also depreciate at various rates, thus model, age and year are important.
But, have a good glance at the pros of ensuring the consistent maintenance of your vehicle… When you eventually decide to put up that “private car sale” sign, you’ll come to the realisation that owning a used car that retains its value could “bring back the money”.
Assuming that you already know what your second-hand car is worth, you’re probably wondering how you can get a reliable and fair price for it.
The first thing you need to note is the popularity of your vehicle. If your car is trickling through to the second-hand market and has the ability to retain enough value to provide an appealing offer, then you’re likely to score a really good car resale value.
Read more about how to calculate your car resale value:

According to Kelley Blue Book, these 10 vehicles have the best resale value for 2017:
#10 2017 Subaru WRX – expected to retain 55.2% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Subaru
#9 2017 GMC Canyon – expected to retain 59.8% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: QAA USA, Inc.
#8 2017 GMC Sierra – expected to retain 56.8% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: GMC
#7 2017 Honda Ridgeline – expected to retain 64.4% of its value after 3-years.

Image credit: Milton Martin Honda
#6 2017 Chevrolet Colorado – expected to retain 61.3% of its value after 3-years.

Image credit: Pohanka Chevrolet
#5 2017 Toyota Tundra – expected to retain 60.7% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Country Hills Toyota
#4 2017 Jeep Wrangler – expected to retain 63.7% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Milledgeville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
#3 2017 Chevrolet Silverado – expected to retain 61.8% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Chicago
#2 2017 Toyota 4Runner – expected to retain 64.3% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Toyota Leasing
#1 2017 Toyota Tacoma – expected to retain 71.8% of its original value after 3-years.

Image credit: Brownsville Toyota
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