When it comes to selling your used car for instant cash, chances are when you think about the word “instant”, you’re most likely thinking about selling your second hand car to a relative, close friend or just someone you know. There is a certain degree of familiarity and trust involved on both ends and one would expect a seamless transaction.

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It’s not as easy as we think to simply act on the thought of “sell my car quickly”. More often than not, these deals are done in hard cash, this means physical money, in the forms of bills and coins, as opposed to cheques, money orders, EFTs or credit. The presence of cold cash provides a sense of credibility for both the buyer and seller, but it can also prove to be a nightmare.

I know the car buyer!

It may seem like the easiest and fastest step to take, because you ‘know the buyer well’; but, selling your car to them could actually be a bad idea. Additionally, things may get slightly complicated and result in ruining your relationship. Usually, when a  seller knows the buyer well there is a perceived level of entitlement, this could ultimately lead to more haggling or potential staggering of payment. Sometimes relatives are even harder to sell to, some of us find it harder to refuse them and might end up compromising on the initial price.

Disadvantages of Selling your Car to a Relative

Selling your car directly to a relative or friend may sound like the most convenient option, but there are many hassles involved in doing so – some call it ‘family politics’. Sometimes it’s better when the person you’re selling a car to, doesn’t know much about your second hand car. But, chances are that your family member or friend know when you bought the vehicle and the price you paid for it – thus expecting to haggle a good discount out of you. This often comes down to only the external look, feel and expectations of the car – which may not be a good deal for your beloved vehicle. Your car’s best assets require a professional technical inspection to reveal the vehicle’s condition and arrive at a fair price.

In some cases, a relative or friend may come up with excuses to delay the payment. And in most cases, as natural beings we may find it difficult to say no when they ask and you personally know their circumstances. As a result, you lose out on the interest you would have accumulated on the price of your vehicle, as you’ll have to put up with the pain of reminding them to pay up.

‘Instant cash’… Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well believe it, CarZar is in the process of disrupting the car buying industry.
With CarZar, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and haggle of a painful car selling process. CarZar has developed a safe and convenient way to sell your used car.

Why should I Sell my Car to CarZar?

CarZar.co.za offers an online platform through which consumers can sell their second hand car seamlessly. Our unique algorithm makes us distinct to every other online car buyer. It uses national data to provide fair, stats-based pricing, based on previous transaction histories and market trends.
Whether you sell your car online and get cash for cars, you can  sell your car in just 30-minutes! CarZar makes selling your car online a positive and seamless experience.

So, how do I Sell to CarZar?

We buy cars for cash instantly! On www.carzar.co.za you can get a free instant online quote for your car and sell your car in just 30 minutes.

All you need to do is follow THREE quick and easy steps:

STEP 1: On CarZar.co.za, enter your vehicle’s make, model, mileage and year – Our unique algorithm will generate an estimated quote, based on the car’s current selling price.

STEP 2: Book your free inspection at any one of CarZar’s Car Buying Centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban; or at your preferred location, to which we’ll send our expert inspectors – It’s also obligation-free!

STEP 3: Seal the deal and receive instant payment into your account – We’ll also take care of all the necessary paperwork for you.