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“I want to place my car for sale privately, but my younger sibling really needs a car without going through all the haggle and hassle of pushy salesmen, unreliable offers and safety risks.”

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Selling a car for cash is probably the better option if you’re deciding between trading in your car or selling car to a family member.

The process of selling used car privately to your mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin is no different to putting yourself through a private car sale. Except, you’re more likely to come across emotional roadblocks – more particularly when:

  1. They request to make monthly payments
  2. You’re loaning your family member money

It’s a natural part of life to trust a loved one or close family member, but there’s a reason why Christopher Wallace said, “keep your family and business completely separated”.

Though, a Vehicle Sales Contract can protect you to make sure your family member is adhering to their part of bargain.

Here’s how you can sell car to a family member without the emotional hassle that may come along with your private car sale.

  1. Get an accurate estimate on the resale value of your car online – you can do this instantly on
  2. Discuss the value of your car with your family member – are you going to provide a ‘family’ discount?
  3. Negotiate who will finance the private car sale – calculate your car’s vehicle finance repayments, and decide if you will provide them with the option to pay in instalments, if there will be a down payment and interest charges.
  4. Set up a Vehicle Sales Contract – negotiate the terms of selling a car to your family member. Check out our Seller’s Toolkit to find out how to draw up a Vehicle Sales Contract.
  5. Full payment on the spot – if you’re requiring your family member to make an immediate payment, you’ll to collect payment and sign over the vehicle’s ownership title to your family member, so that they are the legal owner of the vehicle.

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