buying auction cars for sale

Now’s probably the best time to buy second hand cars and what better way to get the best offers than from car auctions?
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If you’re on a tight budget, second hand cars will often get you more for your money, especially if it’s certified pre owned cars.

So, what’s all the fuss about car auctions?

A lot of car buyers can be a little apprehensive when it comes to auction cars for sale. Mostly as a result of their misconception about the reliability and warranty coverage of a second hand car for sale.
Visiting a car auction can be a fun adventure – a rewarding one too. It’s much easier to yield a decent car for a very low price. Worst-case scenario, you’ll walk away carless. But, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the auction cars for sale is 100% obligation-free – like CarZar’s car buying services.

Preparing for a car auctions and buying second hand cars

The best security is knowing that second hand cars for sale at car auctions are only made available to car dealers. Have a look at your local newspaper or online classifieds to check where you can find your nearest car auction. Sometimes, classifieds publish the auction second hand cars for sale ahead of time.
Perhaps even try out CarZar’s Car Affordability Calculator before you head down to buy any auction cars for sale, to find out your second hand car budget.
Once you’ve marked that off your list of auction preparations, do some research on the current market value of second hand cars for sale. On online car buying sites like you can calculate the current value of a second hand car. A unique algorithm is used to generate a an online value based on market trends and previous transaction histories. However, due to the constant fluctuation of vehicle pricing within the automotive market, these values are only valid for 7-days.

Where do second hand cars on auction come from?

From towed, abandoned and seized cars to previous rentals and corporate de-fleet vehicles, you’ll find that most auction cars on sale come from municipal impound lots. This doesn’t mean you won’t find a gem under a ball of metal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by oodles of thoughts about the safety risks, guarantee and quality of these second hand cars. We suggest to drop by the car auction location, the day before you plan to bid on any second hand cars, to get a feel of the process and gather some transparency on what it means to bid on a second hand car.
Alternatively, make sure you get to the car auction early to score a chance to check out the auction cars for sale:

  • Take note of the cleanest cars.
  • Record which second hand cars you are interested in.

Classic car auctions of second hand cars for sale

You may be familiar with the popular classic car auctions — the Sotheby’s, Mecums, and Barrett-Jacksons of the world. If this is the kind of auction cars you’re going for then the process is basically similar. However, big spenders may find the process much easier:

  • Do your second hand car research.
  • The auction cars for sale will be published ahead of time.
  • The second hand cars for sale on auction will include background information.
  • Some classic car auction houses offer professional advice on-site.

The pros of buying second hand cars at car auctions

There’s only one real benefit to second hand cars at car auctions – second hand cars end up costing way less than they would at car dealers or private car sales. But still and all, you’ll find that:

  1. Car auctions are exceptionally consumer-friendly.
  2. Some car auctions offer certain perks for a bad second hand car under particular conditions.
  3. If you buy a second car car with an outstanding safety recall, you can take it to your local dealership for that brand, and they’ll have no choice but to perform the recall work for free.
  4. You should be allowed to check out the car’s VIN number. This will let you know if the second hand car for sale has any shady histories – flooded, odometer rolled back, chopped and rebuilt, uncommon practices.

The cons of buying second hand cars at car auctions

Second hand car auctioneers are not obligated to disclose any car damages or flaws to bidders at car auctions. Other snags about car auctions are:

  1. Second hand cars for sale are sold ‘as-is’.
  2. Car auctions are not made for picky second hand car buyers – you’ll have to scrap your preferences or save it for car dealers.
  3. Many car auctions require cash payment for second hand cars for sale – there are no vehicle finance options available. Again, you’ll have to save this request for a car dealer.
  4. You’ll have a hard time at a salvage car auction if you’re not an automotive expert – there’ll be nothing worth buying.

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