Who needs a car when there is MyCiti bus – a reliable, effective and safe transport system in Cape Town.

South Africa’s MyCiti bus has easy accessibility, whether you’re on your way home or rushing to the airport. This mode of transport can comfortably get you from point A to point B with no stress of being pushed and shoved.

Here’s how to become a MyCiti passenger:

  • Get your card:  In order to travel, each and every passenger has to buy their own myconnect card, except for children under the age of 4-years and less than 1-metre tall.  The card is worth R35 and can be bought at any MyCiTi station, as well as at some participating retailers, such as Checkers. For your card’s safety, you will need a unique pin whenever you load the required value.

Using your card at stops:

  • Boarding the bus: Every MyCiTi bus has a special tap ‘in’ and ‘out’ validator, which every passenger have to use when boarding the bus.
  • Exiting the bus: Alert the bus driver by hitting the ‘stop’ button – the bus will stop at the next stop. Tap against the ‘out’ validator as you exit the bus.

Using your card at stations:

  • Whether you’re beginning or ending your journey, if you want to access the station’s gates, tap the validator’s access gate.

Top-up your card

Load Mover: When loading a Mover package onto your myconnect card, you can regularly save 30% on fares. These packages are the following prices: R35, R60, R80, R100, R200, R300, R400, R600 and R1 000. Take note, points loaded are valid for three years.

Load Standard: You can load any amount of money and pay standard fares. However, the higher the standard, the higher the fare. But, one can also use this option for buying up to R200 at any shop that accepts debit cards.  Load Standard service is available at station kiosks, retailers and cash-accepting Absa ATMs.

Load A Monthly Pass: With this kind of pass, you can enjoy unlimited travel anywhere, on any day and at any time. You can even go to any mall connected to MyCiTi bus stops, just for the fun of it! You load this on your myconnect card at station kiosks. A monthly pass is worth R780.

Off-Peak Travel Package: You can explore the city with one-day (OPT1), three-day (OPT3) and seven-day (OPT7) off-peak travel packages – this package provides unlimited travel outside weekday peak times, including all day on weekends and public holidays. Choose a start date of any choice, and travel as much as you want! The amount value of OPT1 is R39, OPT3 R110 and OPT7 R206.

Load A 1, 3 Or 7 Day Pass: You can load a one-day, three-day, or seven-day pass. Enjoy unlimited travel! A one-day pass is worth R94, three-day pass R234 and seven-day pass R515.

For more information call 0800 65 64 63 or visit MyCiTi website www.myciti.org.za/en/contact-us/contact/

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