South Africa is experiencing advancing numbers in car crimes, monthly. However, this does not come as much of a surprise as crime is one of South Africa’s most common reality.

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More than 1,400 cars in Cape Town have been reported, as shown in police crime stats, as hijack victims. Adding towards the increasing crime, a 1-month old baby is said to still be missing.

From 2015 to 2016, car hijack statistics have demonstrated a climb in results. However, the carjack increase does not stop there for South Africa. South African Police Services stats have reported a 14.9% in carjackings, between April and December 2016. According to SAPS, a record of 12,743 cars have become victims to local hijacks.

According to Africa Check, 50% of hijacked car crimes, occurred in Gauteng during the financial year of 2016. At the time, 40,000 used cars were stolen – 20,913 being embezzled in Gauteng.

Gauteng has been dubbed as the ‘largest contributor’, to crimes related to property; with 4% increase of 116,543 reported over the 9-months. The Police Minister, Nathi Nhleko, confirmed that the crimes were based on location.

Pretoria has also become a casualty of vehicle crimes. Again, more than 1,000 cars are being hijacked each month, according to the SA Police Services.

According to a vehicle-tracking company, ‘Car Track’, South Africa’s five most hijacked passenger cars include Audi, Toyota, Ford, Kia and Mercedes-Benz. According to the tracking company’s report stats, the five most hijacked sports utility cars in South Africa include Toyota, Jeep, Land Rover, Nissan and Volkswagen.

But this does not come as much of a surprise, considering that these vehicles are few of South Africa’s best sellers – according to Business Tech.

There are many ways to help decrease your chances of becoming victim to carjacks. CarZar provides you with easy tips:

  • Do not park in an isolated area.
  • Keep a wide following distance when stationed at a traffic sign or intersection.
  • If you own a garage, park you car in it.
  • Keep a cautious look out when making ‘drop-and-go’s’.

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