The next thing you know, there’s a truck next to you and even more difficult to stomach, driving on your behind…

But let’s face it, you have to come to terms that as a motorist, you will face trucks on the road – especially in major cities such as Cape Town and Sandton. provides 7 tips on how trucks and used cars can live in harmony on the roads.

  1. Pass on the right-hand side – passing a truck requires more patience than passing any other car on the road. Take your time, in order to avoid a messy situation.
  2. Avoid cutting in front of trucks – trucks try to maintain a safe following distance
  3. Stay alert at night time – maintain a safe following distance and give yourself the advantage of having enough space to stop, in case you’re confronted by a truck masked by darkness…
  4. Keep in mind the truck driver’s blind spot – truck drivers may not be able to see anything closer than 10-meters or 50-meters behind the trailer.
  5. Avoid tailgating – surely you’d like to start and end your day without a smashed car bumper.
  6. Watch out for turning trucks – big trucks require a long turning space
  7. Keep the weather in mind – driving in bad weather is as tricky as it is; passing a truck in bad weather is a recipe for disaster.

Now that you’re aware of how to share the road with trucks, give yourself and trucks on the roads some space to follow daily routine on the road. And remember, if you own a second-hand car and you’re looking to flog it, on we buy cars for cash through a safe and painless process.

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Check out the below infographic for more safety tips on how to drive alongside trucks:

Infographic by Barloworld Transport

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