Bugatti Chiron is claimed to be the most fastest, powerful, luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car. The Bugatti car boasts 1,480 horses with a top speed of 288 miles per hour (mph).

Automotive engineers claims that no production car has hit 300 mph yet. Based on the Chiron’s predecessor, Bugatti Veyron, for a production car to reach 300 mph, it should power 1,800 horsepower. Although logically, less horses are ambitious enough to reach a top speed of 300 mph; the production car would overheat during the drive of trying to get the car to go that fast.

Cooling is therefore the problem.

Despite having all the variants needed to cool the engine enough to power enough horsepower, a lot of power is used in trying to master possible aerodynamic issues due to the requirements of the vehicle’s cooling system. Tire friction is also important. Altering the car’s aero for a smooth drive would calm the horsepower. But, it would also decrease the car’s level of cooling performance – causing it to go up in flames after accelerating to high speeds; like the Ford Kuga, Ford EcoSport and particular Mercedes Benz car variants.

Although production cars, such as the Bugatti Chiron, may approach and not achieve top speeds of 300 mph, its high-tech topnotch level of performance takes spotlight.

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