Prepping your secondhand car for Trade-In? Improve your car trade in value!

Prepping your secondhand car for Trade-In? Improve your car trade in value!

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Everyone has looked at their set of wheels and thought how much they could get for it. And then most-likely went onto thinking, which new car they can get on a trade-in – perhaps already started the process toward trading in a car for a new or second hand car.

If this is your case, it’s important not to miss the vital steps that can guarantee you get the best used car trade in value.


CarZar provides a free online-quote service to help you figure out your car trade in value. All your need to do is:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the correct details for your car
  3. Get an instant calculation on the value of your vehicle

To use CarZar’s free online car valuation calculator and receive an accurate quote, you will need to know your car’s year, make, model, transmission, fuel type, variant and mileage.

If your car is still under finance, it’s important to also calculate how much you still owe on your car loan – get a free calculation with CarZar’s Vehicle Finance Repayment Calculator.

To receive a professional appraisal for your secondhand car trade in, book an obligation-free independent inspection at selected DEKRA vehicle inspection branches at zero cost – Cape Town (Wynberg, Montague Gardens, N1 City and Parow) and Johannesburg (Centurion and Marlboro Park).

Dealers only think 3 things during trade-ins…

  1. Mileage – this is where your vehicle Service History comes in. The lower the mileage, the more trade in value you’ll get for your second hand car, as car’s depreciate as soon as it touches the road.
  2. Condition – just as any other car buyer, dealers will inspect the overall cosmetic, mechanical and electrical condition of your car, to avoid any hitches down the road.
  3. Profit – most people think, “Trading in my car will offer me the best possible value, rather than selling my car for cash.” However, when you trade in your car, you’re simply receiving a discount on your new car purchase – hence, dealerships generally make a bigger profit on the used cars they sell than new cars.

I want to improve the trade in value of my car!

Just like selling your car privately for cash, it is important to bring your car into ‘selling’ condition’.

Would you buy an old, rusty second hand car? Then ensure your car is internally and externally attractive, in order to attract the best car trade in value. Get your car cleaned, damages repaired, ensure there are no tyre or upholstery wear-and-tear, windscreen chips or cracks, and no active dashboard warning lights.

A well maintained car may fetch a higher car trade in price.

Choose the right time.

The economy plays a great role in the fluctuation of fuel prices on the trade in value of a car. If your car is fuel-efficient, the best time to trade in your car would be when fuel prices are skyrocketing.

Keep in mind…

Vehicle finance – understand the current rate of your car loan before your decide to trade in your car. Calculate the value of your car to make sure the terms match the amount you agree to finance.

The amount on your contract may be different to the original amount offered on your trade-in – dealers sneak in extra costs without knowing.

Shop around – don’t just accept any value for trading in your car. If you get haggled into trying to score a good deal that you know is not worth it, then the best negotiation is to walk out of the showroom.

Ensure all the paperwork is taken care of – hitting the road in your new car before all paperwork is completed can put you at risk of an undesired phone call – the financing fell through and you’ll have to sign new paperwork with less favourable terms.

Trading in a car may seem like the easiest way to flog your car, but it’s probably not the quickest if your second hand car is not a popular car on the current market. Remember, by selling your car and receiving cash in hands, you get more flexibility to purchase a new or used car at any dealership, higher bargaining power to negotiate a really good discount on your purchase and you will not incur any hidden retail costs.

Get the best price the market can offer on and instant payment.