Cape Town – “The driver of a light delivery vehicle drove into a roadblock at 04:22 on Sunday morning at 35th Avenue and Lavis Road.” said JP Smith, a Mayoral committee member for Safety and Security.

Negligent, drunk and reckless driving are now being shoved into the ‘red zone’; taking top priority for the Western Cape’s Mayoral Committee. The city is keeping a close watch on almost 1500 road violations called drunk driving, as registered by SAPS from the period of July 2016 to March 2017.

But, why does it have to take injured traffic officers for the City Mayoral Committee to finally take a stand for victims are these incidents – some of which have been fatal.

The Mayoral Committee are finally starting to express concern after Smith announced in a statement that an allegedly drunk driver drove straight into a road block in Bishop Lavis; damaging 2 patrol cars and injuring 4 traffic officers, who were discharged from hospital on Sunday.

And the public will be feeling it too…

According to Smith, the hard earned money of taxpayers will have to be used to repair the damaged patrol yet.

The Committee have assured road traffic law abiders that harsher penalties are being implemented due to the increasing numbers of drunk driving within the Mother City. Smith revealed that the police responded to 2 collisions recently, in Khayelitsha and the CBD – one driver who was ‘under the influence’ and one negligent driver.

The weekend in the City of Cape Town saw 31 more arrests. Violators were captured at roadblocks and vehicle checkpoints in Woodstock, Kirstenhof, Nyanga, Manenberg and Khayelitsha.

Just as important it is for cars to be roadworthy, it’s vital that roads maintain their roadworthiness too, and we’re counting on the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee to ensure this.

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