Next-Gen Autonomous Cars: No Pedals, No Steering Wheel?

Next-Gen Autonomous Cars: No Pedals, No Steering Wheel?

February 21, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Autonomous cars are not only slowly changing the way we get around, but also how we drive. Many automakers are announcing their plans to deploy self-driving, autonomous vehicles (AV), but General Motors has a different concept in mind…

GM will be revealing a self-driving concept car that has no steering wheel or pedals. What does this mean for driver and passenger safety?

Global reports state that GM filed a petition asking the government’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) permission to deploy AI self-driving Chevy Bolts that have no pedals, steering wheel or manual controls, in preparation for their ‘robo ride-sharing service’ in 2019.

However, as GM’s concept self-driving car does not meet the NHTSA safety regulations, sources told Jalopnik that “GM and its autonomous car unit, Cruise Automation, will submit a report Friday to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on how it plans to safely equip cars with self-driving technology and deploy them on the road,”.

GM’s new vehicle will stand 4th in line of manufacturer’s autonomous generation, after 18-months. The car is expected to boast a complete computer system along with communication, electrical, breaking and gearing systems.

2018 will see a major milestone for AV’s rivalling out their competitors with no traditional vehicle controls and components. Technology is taking over the automotive industry; and soon, diesel and petrol engines are expected to phase out, while vehicle manufacturers continue to rollout fully driverless cars in a shortened time-frame.

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