After getting that new car, you’d probably want to refer to it as something other than ‘my car’.

When selecting a nickname for your car, it’s important to pick a name that best fits its style and personality.

However, figuring out a suitable name isn’t always easy, which is why CarZar is here to help! Tips to select a fitting name for your car:

Match the name with the style of the car: Pay attention to the body of your vehicle – if it’s big or powerful, we’d suggest a bold name. On the other hand, If it’s sexy and sleek, perhaps a more timid pet name?

Include the vehicle’s make and model: Specific car models generally get good car names based on what they are. Just as parents select a gender-based name, consider the vehicle’s make and model, and select a name suitable for it. For example, if you’re driving a Lexus, you can name your car Alexis or Lexie. If you’re driving a Range Rover, you can name it ‘Rangerous’.

Consider the type of car you drive: Is it a pickup truck, regular sedan, or sports cars? You wouldn’t name your beautiful daughter ‘Blade’, would you? It’s exactly the same with your car. Pick a name that applies to your type of car. Always ensure you choose a name that represents and tells your car’s story.

Colours count: Based on the colour of your car, there are many different, non-conventional names that you can choose from – perhaps your favorite superhero. Just as the superhero, Black Widow, uses her costume colour in her title, why not combine your car’s nickname with its colour! Try out Black Magic, Ladybug, Silver Surfer, Marshmallow, Shadow, Cherry Bomb, Nightcrawler, etc. Always determine the colour of your car and think of names that associate with it.

Giving your car a name is very special and it personalises your car at the same time. But, perhaps you’re considering selling your used car. Sell your second-hand-car to CarZar and use the above tips right from the stretch before buying another car. CarZar connects selling your used car with a positive and seamless experience.

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