My car trade-in went wrong! | Safety risks of trading in a car

My car trade-in went wrong! | Safety risks of trading in a car

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Cars are an indispensable part of lives for many car owners. But, there comes a time when when a car has reached it’s age and now, it’s time to sell car.

We’ve heard it all before: fraudulent transactions and paperwork, scams, unreliable pricing, head-aching haggling, theft, hijacking, the list goes on… These are the many potential risks to selling a car privately or trading in a car. How can you trust the assumed ‘professional vehicle assessor’ you’re about to meet at the trade in car facility? Trading in your car at a public facility does not make your purchase any more safer than meeting a stranger (in public) at a private car sale.

If you’re shopping for a new car, trading in a car is not the only highway. In fact, selling your car for cash will give you cash in hands and most shoppers know that they’ll get more car resale value if they sell old car themselves, rather than going for the ‘trade in my car’ option.

There are many misconceptions about getting the ‘best deal’ and car trade in value by trading in a car for a new one. But, here’s the truth about the trade in your vehicle route:

When you trade in your, you buy a newer, generally much more expensive car, and the car buyer makes a good profit on this vehicle. In order to entice you to buy the new car from him, the car buyer will likely reduce the profit on the new car and allocate this “discount” to the amount he will offer for your trade-in – creating the impression that you are getting a higher price for the car you are selling.

You’re probably thinking, “so, what if I sell my car instead”?

By selling your car for cash and then visiting a dealership with cash in hands, you will be able to leverage on a much higher bargaining power and receive a better discount on your new car purchase. With cash in hands, you will also have more freedom to choose your next car purchase, instead of getting locked with a dealer who wants your car but may not have the vehicle you are looking for.

Where can avoid the safety risks of trading in my car and dodge getting an unreliable trade in value of my car?

CarZar uses an independent third-party inspection services – DEKRA and Kwikfit – to make sure consumers receive a transparent evaluation and reliable pricing. If you’re unhappy with our cash offer, we’ll make an offer to advertise your car to our nationwide network of dealers across South Africa to possibly match your asking price and to get the best price the market is willing to pay for your car.

Our services are 100% obligation-free, so you won’t lose out on anything during your car evaluation.

With consistent fluctuations in fuel prices, it’s probably best to consider making your next car purchase a fuel efficient one. Check out CarZar’s Fuel Consumption Calculator in line with CarZar’s Car Affordability Calculator.