Has South Africa joined the global car-free movement?

As said before, air pollution has and will always be a top concern for eco-environmentalists. And South Africa is certainly proving the authenticity of this statement.

On Wednesday, 14th June 2017, a seminar on transport and mobility was hosted at the CSIR, where the Department of Transport Project Manager of Global Climate Change, Bopang Khutsoane, revealed the environmental changing news about the City of Tshwane.

According to BusinessTech, Khutsoane stated at the seminar that Pretoria is shining its headlines toward declaring particular parts of the city as car-free zones.

Tailgating Barcelona, Britain, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City and Paris, the city’s overall aim is to cut down on the carbon dioxide emitted by engines roaming the metropolitan’s streets, according to a report by Pretoria News on IOL.

Will the rest of South Africa follow route? If Pretoria’s game plan gets actioned, the city will many major metropolitan’s across the country in reserving car-free zones; including Cape Town and Sandton.

Taking into consideration the infrastructure required to create these car-free zones while maintaining societal operation, the concept has been backed by the Executive Director at Tshwane Bus Service, Bongani Mntambo. As announced by Mntambo at the seminar on Wednesday, Pretoria will be hosting a “car-free week” during ‘Transport Month’ in October, in sustenance of axing not only CO2 in the environment, but also traffic congestion.

It’s either the green way or the highway! At least the news are not as toxic as we thought it would be.

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