Must-Have! Top 5 New Car Techs for 2018

Must-Have! Top 5 New Car Techs for 2018

February 21, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

With annual advancements in new-gen cars and high-tech vehicle components, and thereof so many options available, it’s difficult to filter the just the right trendline that will suit your needs or desires – especially considering that the more features you have, the more expensive your new car budget becomes.

Rather than placing your desires at the forefront of your decision-making process, as a driver consider the most valuable features your car should have – safety, security, reliability, comfort, convenience, among many others.

Here are the top 5 new vehicle features to consider when buying a car:

5. Heated Seats – South Africa’s next weather destinations are Autumn and Winter. Nasal congestion and heavy breathing is often a consequence of warming up your car using the vehicle’s heater. What better way to enjoy a ride comfortably in the cold weather than with a heated car seat?

4. Android Auto or Apple CarPlay – this is the perfect way to focus on the road while using your phone. A vehicle that supports one of these mobile brands will getting rid of the need to touch your cell phone by transferring Bluetooth connectivity to the car in order to provide the option of hand-free calling, sending voice notes, reading WhatsApp messages out loud, satellite navigation and more.

3. Automatic Headlights and Wipers – South African weather is a bit dicey in terms of reliability. We’ve all experienced the 4-seasons-in-1 days – from hot, humid conditions to rain and thunderstorms. It is often forgotten to switch on one’s headlights on during fierce rainy weather or fog; which can be dangerous for you and other road users. This is why headlights and wipers have been introduced automation. Let your car switch on the headlights and activate the wipers when necessary. If you’re one who often forgets to turn off the headlights, your car will save you from a flat battery and do this for you.

2. Cruise Control – South Africa has introduced a lot more hidden speeding cameras over the years for the safety of road users. The drive of new-gen cars have manufactured so smoothly that it’s easy to confuse a speed on 80 km/h with 60 km/h – making your chances of getting a flashlight on the freeway much higher. However, this can be avoided with some cruise control. With cruise control, you can retain a constant speed without having to adjust the accelerator with your foot.

1. Park Distance Control – Alley docking and parallel parking will always be a bit tricky, especially when you need to squeeze into the only parking space available. With parking distance control and a reverse camera, you can remove the stress of knocking or scraping against another car or object. This ultimately means you’ll be saving a big buck on repairs or insurance for the other vehicle you damaged.

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