Automotive companies have entered a global race toward self-driving cars.

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, autonomous driving systems are now “the mother of all AI projects.” Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, has also joined the industry, and like, South Africa’s fastest and most convenient way of selling a car, both intend to disrupt the automotive industry.

As claimed by Forbes, traditional automakers now has a reason to fear major players in the tech industry. However, it’s difficult to figure out who will win the race toward self-driving cars, as the industry of self-driving is still ripe with space for great global concepts of innovation.

InMotion Ventures, a mobility service business of Britain’s biggest car maker Jaguar Land Rover, has made a massive investment of $25-million in Lyft Inc – an American ride services company. The money will, of course, be used to test and develop new, advanced technology for self-driving cars. According to eNCA, InMotion Ventures revealed that it will also supply Lyft Inc with a fleet of Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

General Motors are also in line of the high tech, auto race with a fleet of 130 self-driving test car. The company is therefore en-route to developing self-driving cars, with the help of the automotive manufacturing expertise of Cruise Automation.


So, why is headlight being placed on self-driving industry and attracting multi-million investors?

Blue-chip tech companies, car makes and investors generally do not waste their time on concepts susceptible to failure. The race to develop self driving cars in the near future will:

  1. Revolutionize transportation
  2. Cut costs of ride services
  3. Transform the way we only buy running cars
  4. Provide a much convenient way of using cars

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