As part of our promise to make our customer’s lives easier and simpler, we decided to reach out to some of our happy customers and get their thoughts on the CarZar experience.

Student life: Modiegi

One of our customers, Modiegi, was making a big life change and needed CarZar’s help. Modiegi made the brave decision to put in notice at her job and go back to school to study full-time. But ask any student and they’ll tell you: studying is expensive – especially when your new school is in Germany, like Modiegi’s is. She wasn’t going to need her car where she was going, so she decided to sell it second-hand to make some cash to fund her stay.

Before trying CarZar, Modiegi tried selling her car a different way. We asked her what she thought of the process, and she had two words for us: “Rip off!”

She heard about CarZar from some friends, who told her our service was ‘hassle-free’. “The only hassle I experienced,” says Modiegi, “was that I did not realise it would be that simple.” And what was the best part of Modiegi’s CarZar experience? “The cash in the bank,” she told us with a smile. She’ll be using the money to cover her living expenses in Germany.

Auf Wiedersehen, Modiegi! We’re glad CarZar could help make your dreams come true.

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Soccer Dad: Sniko

Another of our customers was , Sniko, an HR practitioner in Pretoria, needed to get a bigger car for his growing family. Before finding CarZar, he approached a number of car dealerships to try to sell his car. “I tried more than four dealers,” Sniko told us, “but I was not happy with their offers.”

After hearing about CarZar on Radio 702, he decided to give us a try – and it paid off. “My car was sold in less than an hour, with all the paperwork taken care of.”

With CarZar’s help, Sniko managed to settle his new family car and is now ferrying his kids around in a vehicle any soccer mom would be proud of. We’re always happy to help, Sniko!

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