More Happy CarZar Customers: Nico, Lucky and Precious

More Happy CarZar Customers: Nico, Lucky and Precious

February 22, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

At CarZar, it’s our business to make our client’s lives better in whatever ways we can. That’s why we love it when we get such positive testimonials from happy customers like Nico, Lucky and Precious!

Nico: Doctor without borders

Nico’s passion for saving lives – he’s a medical doctor who up until now was living in Johannesburg – was taking him abroad, and he needed to get rid of his used car before he and his family could move.

Nico didn’t waste any time: he came straight to CarZar and never looked back. We asked Nico what made him choose CarZar: “I had a good online consumer experience,” he told us. Luckily for Nico, the great service didn’t stop there. He made special mention of his CarZar inspector, Paul, and together they were able to get Nico the price he wanted for his car.

We wish you well in the next chapter of your life, Nico!

Lucky: Lucky fish

Lucky decided that he didn’t his current vehicle and decided to trade it in for a more affordable model. He wanted to use the money to settle things with his bank, but unfortunately for Lucky, things weren’t that simple. “I was trying different options of selling my car,” Lucky told us. “It was a nightmare trying to trade it in for a cheaper vehicle.”

Then Lucky came across CarZar. “I received superb service from the team.” Lucky made the sale and was able to sort things out with his bank, and is enjoying his newfound sense of economic freedom. Way to go, Lucky!

Precious: Small-town jewel

Precious is a small town girl from Mpumalanga who recently made the move down to the Mother City, when she was offered a job as a bakery technologist for one of Africa’s top retailers.

She decided that she needed cold, hard cash more than she needed her current ride. When she heard about CarZar, she knew that we were the right fit for her. “I heard about how hassle-free it was to sell a car via CarZar,” she told us. “They’re real buyers who care about their clients. I knew I’d be safe.” And the best part of her CarZar experience? “Selling my car in a few minutes!”

We’re happy we could help, Precious!

Just a few more happy CarZar customer testimonials! Thinking about selling cars? Why not get in touch – CarZar is South Africa’s favourite, safest and best priced car buying service. Check out our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @CarZarDotCoZa, or have a look at some of our useful tools like our Vehicle Repayment Calculator or our Fuel Consumption Calculator.