Be honest, we’re all fans of The Fast and The Furious: the fast cars, the girls, Vin Diesel. But as fun as it would be to be part of the Furious crew, getting your car modified in any way may not be the best idea, especially if you don’t tell your insurer first.

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While it may seem unfair to some that you should have to disclose all modifications to your car to your insurance provider (after all, it’s your car, and they’re just getting cash for cars from people like you), most would understand where the insurance companies are coming from.

Insurers use power as a rating factor when determining your insurance premiums: your car’s power to mass ratio determines your vehicle’s acceleration and top speeds, which can increase the amount of damage that occurs if your car is involved in an accident. If you were to have an accident and the assessor found undisclosed modifications, you may be staring down the barrel of a declined claim, which could have potentially catastrophic effects on your personal finances.

Here is a list of aftermarket vehicle performance modifications that you should disclose to your insurer:
1. Cool Air Induction System – opens your vehicle’s airflow to improve its performance.

2. Intercooler – air-conditioner that cools turbocharged engines

3. Down Pipe – cools air intake.

4. Turbocharge – forces compressed the air into the engine.

5. Exhaust Enhancement – decreases back pressure and increases exhaust flow.

These are just a few common vehicle modifications that you should first let your insurer know about before adding to your car, but make sure you check any possible modifications you might want to make with them before you do it!

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