It seems like Ford Kuga and Ford EcoSport, are not the only cars making its way back to the assembly hole.

Recalling around 1-million cars and SUV’s, particular Mercedes Benz cars have encountered a bit of a problem. Certain Mercedes Benz model variants are experiencing an overheat to a starter part, resulting in the vehicle going up in flames. These models include particular variants of the 2015 to 2017 C-Class, E-Class and CLA cars, and GLA and GLC SUV’s.

The United States have recalled 308,000 Mercedes Benz model variants as potential fire hazards; while Mercedes Benz South Africa have recalled 2,200 cars, due to an engine compartment seal that could possibly ignite.

This year, 51 fires have been reported – globally. 30 Mercedes-reported cases have come from the United States. On the 3rd of March 2017, Mercedes confirmed that a fire could break out if the engine and transmission will not turn over. As a result, the limiter in the starter motor may overheat and melt other parts, due to repeated attempts to start the car.

What is Mercedes Benz doing to solve the problem?

Loyal to their customers, Mercedes Benz is committed to solving the problem. Mercedes Benz South Africa are in speed of investigations to the car problem. South African and international technicians are in full communication about affected South African-manufactured Benz cars. Identical to international reports, Daimler AG reports that if the engine has hydrolocked, repeatedly starting the engine can cause very high electric current flow through the starting current limiter – causing it to overheat.

The German automotive company has been exploring the issue since June 2016, after receiving high volume reports of “thermally damaged” current limiters. Positioning customer safety first, Mercedes have said to make replacement parts available from July 2017. The replacement parts will involve a 1-hour, free new fuse installation in the electrical line, to the starter.

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