Most second hand car owners don’t have the luxury to just drive off to the local car repair shop when necessary… But, you don’t need to be a car ‘fundi’ in order to do some DIY car service checks or make minor car repairs.

Although maintaining your car, with some old school home tricks, can seem time-consuming, it’s really not.

Instead of throwing our car maintenance home tricks under the car mat, provides you with 9 DIY car maintenance life hacks to help keep your second hand car running, looking good and private car sale-ready.

#1 Hide those scratches with cutex: Polish your car scratch with a thin coat of clear nail polish – or touch-up car paint – to prevent rust from attacking the exposed metal.

#2 Vinegar is a great stain removal: The old tale of vinegar reducing stain visibility seems to be true after all. Sprinkle vinegar on all stained spots, leave it to soak for a few minutes and get your joints do some torquing with soft-bristled brush.

#3 Razor your windscreen debris: Those tough windshield debris may seem impossible to rid, but the gentle scrape of a razor blade, window cleaner and a cloth to sparkle your window into a new condition, proves otherwise.

#4 Every puzzle has an image indicator: Sometimes our memory fails us. If you’re planning to go all motor mechanic on your second hand car, take an image of the car before doing so – in case you require some reference in putting the pieces back together.

#5 Keep calm and maintain oil levels: It may seem minor, but oil plays an important role in ensuring your vehicle’s full functionality. Do quick check on your car’s transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant, for any leaks or fill-ups needed.

#6 Check your car coolant: Did you know that low coolant levels can result in disastrous engine damage, due to overheating? Take care of your car’s radiator! It could save you thousands of Rand.

#7 Test your tyre pressure: Surely you wouldn’t want a tyre blowout on the side of a dodgy street… Ensure to never under-inflate your tyres as it can decrease petrol performance; but, on the other hand, make sure it’s not over inflated either as this can cause hydroplaning. Invest in a tyre pressure valve stem caps, it will turn colours when the pressure is off.

#8 Use charcoal on that awful stench: Avoid spending on expensive air fresheners. Throwing an open bag of charcoal in your car for a few days will absorb all funky odours.

#9 Keep an ear out for weird brake sounds: If your brakes are making loud, squealing sounds then it’s most likely worn out. Generally, these sounds are a result of the brake pads causing the metal to come into contact with the rotor.

With these quick and easy home car maintenance tricks, it may be cheaper to do it yourself in the short term; but in the long term, a car repair life hack should not replace a car service plan.

Did you know?

If you want to get the most car resale value, “first impression counts”, is definitely something that all second hand car sellers should consider before booking a car inspection.

Would you be interested in an advert buying an old, rusty second hand car? If you want to attract the perfect car buyer, ensure your used vehicle is not only in perfectly running condition, but also cosmetically appealing. Get your car cleaned, damages repaired, ensure there are no tyre or upholstery wear-and-tear, windscreen chips or cracks, and no active dashboard warning lights. Remember that regular car servicing and having proof of full Service History will contribute to getting the best value for your second hand car.

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